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Tips for Choosing Proper Concealed Carry Clothing

Although your concealment clothes for guns may vary, your dress should be appropriate for the setting and occasion. Concealed carry clothing has general characteristics and should be specific to your carry method. In addition, concealment-specific clothing, alternative clothing and off-body carrying methods may be explored.

General Characteristics

Your clothing should be comfortable and loose and provide easy access to your weapon. Oversized clothing may be easy to draw from, but this clothing should not have areas where the weapon will get caught. In addition, heavy, multicolored shirts with inconsistent patterns are more concealing. You may choose clothing that is one size larger than normal. Finally, starched shirts will not conform to and reveal your firearm.

Carry Method

Although long jackets and blazers may cover your waist holster, if they are closed, they may make it difficult to draw. However, if they are not closed, they may be blown open and reveal your weapon. Belts should be wide enough to prevent holster slipping and strong enough to hold your gun without moving or shifting.

In addition, choose pants that flare at the bottom if you carry on your ankle. Undergarments should also be worn between your body and holster to prevent chafing and discomfort. Loose shirts, even t-shirts, may hide an appropriately sized gun and holster.

Concealment-Specific Garments

Some garments, including undergarments and tactical clothing, are made to conceal your weapon. However, tactical attires may make it obvious that you are carrying.

Alternative Clothing

You may choose to hide your weapon behind vests or additional layers. Also, clothing with a lot of pockets, such as clothing worn for other hobbies, may effectively conceal your gun.

Off-Body Carry

Fanny packs, purses and briefcases may be carrying options if they have proper holsters. However, because fanny packs are not common, the public may assume you are concealing a firearm.

Your concealed weapon clothing should have general characteristics. However, choose specific clothing based on your carrying method. You may choose concealment-specific garments, outfits for other hobbies and even off-body carry accessories.…

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3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception One to Remember

Your wedding day should be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. It is a day that people dream of for years before it happens, so it is important to make the most of it. The wedding reception often involves more planning than the actual ceremony itself, and it is where the bride and groom get to spend the most time with the guests. If you are looking for ways to make your wedding reception the best it can be, consider these three easy tips.

1. Play Great Music

What is a wedding reception without great music? Once you hire DJ for event Ormond Beach Florida, you can discuss with him or her what type of music you want to be played. You can choose some crowd-pleasers mixed in with some soft, slow music great for dancing.

2. Personally Greet Each Guest

Your guests are there to see you and congratulate you, so make sure that you take some time with each person if you can. While you may not be able to carry on a full conversation with every person in the room, you can at least make an effort to thank everyone for coming.

3. Take Plenty of Photos

Wedding photos are one of the only momentos that you get to keep from your big day, so make sure that you have plenty of great ones. While you will likely hire a professional photographer, you can also have friends and family take candid shots. Sometimes, these are the most fun to look back on, and you will be able to see your day from every angle.

Planning the wedding reception of your dreams takes a lot of effort but it can be easier when you consider these tips. Decide what your vision is for your big day and start planning!…

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3 Things You Should Know About Buying Wedding Rings

Now that you’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life, one of the essential items on your pre-wedding checklist is finding your wedding bands. These rings are not only symbolic, but also need to be sturdy enough for years of wear. Whether you’re shopping for wedding rings for women Williamsburg VA or are considering ordering online, there are a few things you should know as you look for the special piece of jewelry you’ll wear forever.

1. Consider Long-Term Maintenance

While it might be tempting to choose a trendy but somewhat impractical ring, consider your daily activities and what you expect might change in the coming years. For instance, if you’re very physically active, choosing a tougher metal might be better than a softer one with fragile stones. Also, keep in mind the type of cleaning upkeep your ring will require.

2. Get It Sized Right

Before you commit to a specific band, it’s crucial that your jeweler size it for the finger you’ll be wearing it on. Keep in mind that if you’ll be wearing it all the time, you should account for potential physical changes. For instance, your fingers will contract in the winter when it’s cold but expand in hot weather; similarly, weight gain, pregnancy, water retention and more could all impact the size of your finger and the fit of the ring.

3. Consider Style Matching

You and your partner don’t have to have matching rings, but it’s a good idea to talk about your expectations for style before heading out to the jewelry shops. You could match in material but not in design, for instance, or match the bands to the engagement ring.

Shopping for your wedding bands is one of the most important and exciting parts of an engagement. With these top tips in mind, you can feel confident you’ll pick out a beautiful ring that will wear well for years to come!…

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Bar Mitzvah Planning When You Aren’t a Party Planner

Planning parties is not everyone’s cup of tea. As your little one takes their next steps into adulthood, you can still make sure that they have a commemorative and marvelous moment. You do not need to be an expert to give your child an epic bar mitzvah. Consider these four factors that can help you host an amazing celebration to commemorate this wondrous moment.

Party Planner

While you don’t need to have the expertise of party planning, you can certainly hire someone who does. Employing the services of a bar mitzvah planner can help you navigate each step of the process to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Make sure that you enlist someone who understands the importance of this event so that they can help you conceive the perfect plan.

Entertainment and Fun

While the main event will be honoring these traditions, if you plan to host a comprehensive celebration following, make sure that you have the right entertainment to set the party’s ambiance. Whether you hire a DJ, live band or live show for the event, make sure that you consider what tone you are hoping to set and have that dictate the vendors you choose.

Choice of Food

The right selection of food can impact the overall event experience for better or for worse. Work with your party planner to discuss your best options. Keep in mind that while your child will have friends, you will likely also have adults attending as well. This is why you need to consider a cuisine that will suit all age groups, palettes and dietary restrictions.

The Why Behind the Event

Most importantly, when you are planning this monumental celebration, keep in mind why you are hosting this event in the first place. It can be easy to get wrapped up into the excitement of planning a party, but the most important factor is that your child is taking their next steps in life.

You don’t have to be a party planner to host the ideal celebration, but with these four tips, you can host a successful event and enjoy yourself.…

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Gifts for the Gun Lover in Your Life

Are you looking for a gift for the gun lover in your life? Perhaps a gun is a bit out of your price range. No problem! There are many gun-related gifts that are not only awesome but useful and fairly inexpensive.

Gun Storage and Transport

  • Help your loved one celebrate that newly acquired concealed carry permit with a concealed weapons holster.
  • If you have kids, a gun safe is a must. Even if you don’t have kids, it is nice to know that your guns will be safely stored when you’re not around. Or, you can get a gun lock, which keeps your gun safely locked but also allows it to be unlocked quickly.

For the Firing Range

  • Clean guns are safe guns. A kit to use for gun cleaning before heading out to the range is both thoughtful and practical.
  • Firearm practice is a great idea (and fun, too), but it can get dangerously loud out on the shooting range. Invest in some quality ear protection for them to wear.
  • And don’t forget some shooting targets for the range. How about several shooting targets of different types and sizes, all wrapped up with a pretty bow?
  • The gun range is the perfect place for your loved one to proudly show off their snazzy new pro-gun t-shirt.

At Home

  • Guns are serious, but you don’t have to be, especially when you and your loved one are relaxing at home. Treat your loved one (or yourself) to a gun shaped ice cube mold, a revolver cylinder pen holder, or even a .50 caliber bullet corkscrew (or all three!).

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to treat your favorite gun enthusiast, even if you just can’t afford a gun. There are lots of things gun owners need and will enjoy, for safety but also for fun.…

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Selecting and Purchasing Fabric

Department stores often carry some fabric products. However, the people who are interested in a broader selection of fabric types should go to stores that sell crafts and related items. There are specialty fabric shops that have very unique cloth patterns. These stores also have widely used textiles.

Cloth Material

Cotton fabric is common enough that it usually has its own section in fabric stores. Cotton blends might be included with the rest of the cotton fabric in the same category or the same part of the shop. However, all of the specific fabric products are carefully labeled. Customers won’t accidentally get the cotton fabric and cotton blends mixed up if they review everything carefully.

Flannel fabric and fleece are also common materials. The customers who are looking for these fabrics should find textiles available in the colors and patterns that they want, since these cloth types sell well. Some patterns are popular enough that they’re part of their categories.

Patterned Textiles

There are lots of fabrics that feature sports team logos or certain licensed characters. Textiles with holiday and seasonal patterns are also widely available. People who know exactly how they’ll be using the fabric that they purchase might find it easier to shop for it, since cloth might be categorized based on its common uses.

Fabric Applications

The fabric materials in fabric shops are often arranged according to their exact function. There might be a section for the fabrics that are typically used to make quilts. Apparel materials and fabrics also usually have their own sections in fabric stores Long Beach CA.

Shops also have tougher utility textiles, including burlap, denim, and vinyl. Customers usually pay for fabrics by the yard, and they can order them online. Finding the right type of fabric has only gotten easier today.…

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Honoring Island Style

Beautiful Tahiti is the largest island in the French Polynesia Island chain. It is known for its clear blue waters, extinct volcanoes, black sand beaches, lagoons and waterfalls. Tahiti is an off-the-beaten-path tourist destination, but it can also be the inspiration for beauty at home.


The glorious flora of French Polynesia inspires extraordinary floral scents from candles such as Tahitian Nights with an initial lavender aroma that is anchored in seafoam and driftwood. Tiare Tahiti New Orleans LA which literally translates to flower of Tahiti is a perfume that drenches your senses in notes of coconut and tropical ylang-ylang. Smell is the strongest sense most linked to memory, so to invoke the memory or dream of Tahiti, light a candle or spray on some sultry perfume.


Tahitian colors start with the colors of nature. Think of flowers, fruits, lagoons, beaches and sunset. A tropical color palette is sure to elevate your mood in the same way a tropical vacation would. A wall of turquoise, a throw pillow of tangerine or a sofa blanket in canary yellow are enough to turn your living room or bedroom into a place of retreat. Summer clothing uses these same colors for exuberant fashion trends. At home or out and about, you can have a little bit of Tahiti style with you.


Tahiti fashion incorporates natural elements whenever possible. Purses and sandals woven out of natural fibers are a great way to translate the grass skirt into something wearable in the city. Tahitian fashion designer Manuarii Teauroa includes elements such as locally sourced pearls from the blacklip oyster. These amazing iridescent jewels of the sea come in some amazing colors such as black, gray, peacock and gold orange. They add island style to any outfit.

However you choose to honor Tahiti and island life you can’t go wrong. Spray it on your wrists, encircle it around your neck or relax in its midst. If you can’t visit this paradise on earth in person, explore its riches through scent, color and style.…

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What You Need to Know About Updos

Whether you are attending a wedding or formal event, spicing up your normal hairstyle with an updo can be a fun look. Updo hairstyles are not limited to weddings and proms and can add flair and elegance to your formal event. Consider a new look for your next event with these three tips.

Trust it To a Salon

While some styles of updos may look easier and more manageable to achieve at home, these looks are often harder to achieve at home than they look. There is a reason why hairstylists are required to have formal training, so consider enlisting a local salon to style your formal hair updo butts station va. Getting your look just right and ensuring that the look will last all night will save you a lot of hassle, frustration and straightening throughout your night. Avoid the inconvenience of adjusting your hair all night long and opt for a professional who can create a look that will withstand your dance moves.

Choosing a Style

The styles of updos, much like fashion, change and adapt over time. Your professional stylist can help you find a stylish look that will work for your face shape and can stand up to the test of time and your event’s activities. While a beautiful style may catch your eye, keep in mind that each person’s hair texture and type is different, so be sure to discuss the best option for your particular hair type.

Tips for an All-Night Look

It is important to understand that updos and their formidability against your activities can be impacted by your preparation. There are certain tips for maintaining updos that can give your hair the longevity of life that it needs. Taking the time to prepare will ensure that you are set up for that beautiful look.

Updo hairstyles can be a marvelous way to give you a stunning look for your upcoming formal event. With the assistance of a seasoned hair professional and some tips and tricks, you can be sure to wow all the attendees at your next event.…

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5 Facts You Should Konw About Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof backpacks have recently become a growing trend and are being sold by many retailers in the United States. While commonly sold for tactical purposes, many of these backpacks are making their way onto school campuses, airports, and other common locations. If you’re considering purchasing one, here are five facts you should know.

  1. There Are Bulletproof Backpacks for Children

A rise in mass school shootings is one of the main reasons that many parents have started buying bulletproof backpacks for their children. While most bulletproof bags come in basic colors with little decoration, there are some geared for children that feature bold colors and more unique patterns.

  1. Backpacks Can Be Used as a Shield

In addition to protecting an individual’s back when worn, children or adults can crouch behind backpacks and use them for cover. However, it is often best to take an active approach and attempt to escape once you feel safe.

  1. Many Models Are Made for Everyday Use

While there are plenty of tactical backpacks for sale that offer protection from bullets, many models look and function just like regular backpacks. They might include laptop pockets, multiple compartments, padded shoulders, USB ports, and more.

  1. Backpacks Should Be NJI Certified

Any piece of body armor clothing or equipment should be tested by the National Institute of Justice to ensure it meets compliance and performance standards. For instance, bulletproof backpacks should meet the Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard.

  1. Ballistics Have a Five-Year Expiration

When shopping for backpacks, you might notice most models come with a five-year warranty. That is because after this point ballistic products often expire. Some may deteriorate even earlier if left in the sun or harsh weather conditions. Most backpacks come with removable shields, so you will only need to replace the shield instead of the entire backpack.…

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Giving Gifts That Can’t Miss

There’s a celebration coming up. It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re reading this; odds are you’re probably not more than a month or two away from an anniversary or a birthday or even Christmas. You’re going to have to bring a gift, and you want that gift to be special and memorable. But how? The trick for a present that’s going to have an impact is for it to have meaning.


Gifts of jewelry shouldn’t just be beautiful or expensive, they should have meaning. Perhaps it’s a Black Hills silver anklet to remind her of that time you went to South Dakota, or a pair of pierogi shaped earrings because making pierogis was always an important part of holidays at your grandmother’s house. Whatever choice you make, it should have some kind of meaning for them and for you.


Flowers are a classic option and never a bad one. You can order them online or commission them special. Not that there’s anything wrong with a dozen red roses, but there are so many other options. What’s the recipient’s favorite flower? If you don’t know exactly, you can always pick one that reminds you of them. The language of flowers can invest your bouquet with a special something, too. Think creatively and be sure to think of the recipient’s taste first.

Charitable Donation

Sometimes you’re not sure that a physical gift will be welcome. For the friend who has everything, you can always try making a donation in their name. Donating money to a good cause is a thoughtful and unexpected way to give something, not only to your friend, but to your community. Whatever gift you choose, the key to making it special is making sure it’s personal, either to them or to you or, ideally, to both of you.…