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Does Organic Babywear and Organic Baby Clothes Really Make a Difference

Does Organic Babywear and Organic Baby Clothes Really Make a Difference

Is organic clothing, and food for baby really just a matter of being the latest trend? Or, is there something much more realistic about the growing demand to raise your baby in a green environment?

Your baby is totally relying on you to make the right decisions regarding their well being. The organic cotton, which is used for making organic baby sleepsuits and organic baby rompers, is grown without the pesticides that other cottons contain. Cotton growers have used an enormous amount of pesticides on their crops for years. Also, experts say that conventional cotton, which only occupies about 3% of the entire Earth’s agricultural farmlands, will use approximately 25% of the world’s chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Many of these doubting parents will also respond, that they will use detergent and wash all of baby’s clothes thoroughly before they wear them, so shouldn’t that take care of the problem? Parents feel that it would be easier for them to just wash their baby’s clothing made from conventional cotton, than to spend the extra money on organic babywear. But, cotton growers use too many chemicals for conventional cotton products to ever be safe for a baby.

Organic babywear will not only help the environment, but also think about your little baby sticking processed cotton, which has been soaked in chemicals, in their little mouths. Is that really what you want for your baby? Organic baby sleepsuits and clothing are very important for your baby. Many of them are not as expensive as you fear; there are plenty of reasonably priced items that are available for your baby. If you take the time to research, you will find organic babywear doesn’t have to be expensive.

New parents will often run out, and buy baby a bunch of stuff, which they really do not need. These impulse items are always made from plastic and other types of non-biodegradable materials. The purchases will quickly end up in a landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose. Parents that want to be eco friendly, and help improve the environment should start by not buying junk, and products, which are harmful. Being green, and sensible is the best example a parent can give to their children, besides wouldn’t you want to be teaching your children right from wrong? It is wrong to show children how to be wasteful, and irresponsible about the world around them.

Eliminating products from our lives, which use dangerous chemicals, is something we all need to be concerned about. It is hazardous to us, as well as to our children. Pesticides that are used in the growing of cotton will eventually get into our water supply, and into our food supply. In other words, soon we will all be eating, and drinking hazardous pesticides and chemicals, if we do not take action now.