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Manchester United Autographs on the Internet

Manchester United Autographs on the Internet

Well, they did it again. In all likelihood, anyway: Manchester United look set to become the top team in English football once more (and in a World cup year, too): which makes Manchester United autographs the likely bonus-winners for most retailers of sporting memorabilia.

Man united autographs are readily available online, which means of course that one needs to exercise some caution when buying them. For every site selling genuine Man U autographs, there’ll be 10 hawking bogus ones. Follow our tips for spotting authentic Manchester United autographs (and avoiding useless imitations), and there’ll be no disappointment come trophy lifting time.

Sites selling authentic Manchester United autographs won’t be afraid to say so. Any site with a detailed explanation of its verification process (a description of the means by which Man U autographs are authenticated, for example, or of the certificates of authenticity themselves) is more likely to be holding the real deal than one that refuses to reveal its sources. Sites that claim to have authentication programmes in place can be lying, of course – but with Internet laws against fraudulent selling far tougher than their landlocked counterparts, such sites are foolhardy indeed. A website claiming to hold real Man U autographs, citing authenticity safeguards that don’t exist, will land, if found out, in a world of trouble so painful it’s unlikely anyone would try.

Never buy Manchester United autographs from a site that doesn’t explain its authentication process: and don’t buy from sites that don’t offer a returns policy. Reputable sports souvenir sites (Autographs Store in Sittingbourne has an exemplary website, detailing exactly what to expect in terms of both certification and returns) will give buyers a quibble-free refund within a reasonable time frame. Quibble free means no questions asked – which, in turn, means anyone buying Man U autographs and having second thoughts about their validity can return them unchallenged and get their money back without question.

Legally, all e-commerce sites are obliged to let customers return items without stated reason, within a period of seven working days from date of receipt (not purchase). Sites selling shonky Manchester United autographs, though, are unlikely to point that out: so any site that doesn’t offer a clear returns policy is one to be avoided. Purchasing anything online is a risky business, because all the products are unseen until they arrive at one’s house: buying Man United autographs (or any authenticated goods) is doubly tricky thanks to the prospect of fraudulent sale. No visible returns policy equals no reason to trust – and with something as easy to fake as Man U autographs, that ought to equate to “no desire to buy”, too.

Following the two simple rules outlined above won’t offer complete safety from the iniquities of fraudulent hawkers: but it will give a pretty good indication of who’s hot and who’s not. With the Red Devils looking like they’re continuing their reclamation of footie’s top spots in 2010, knowing where your Man U autographs are coming from is probably a very good idea.