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Shirt Charles – The Dress That Adds a New Dimension

Shirt Charles – The Dress That Adds a New Dimension

Every man desires for a complete wardrobe. This means that it should contain both formal as well as informal wear. Just as certain brands are well known for the formal attire they manufacture, others are recognized for the casual wear. A name reputed over the years, for dressing men well is Shirt Charles.

Whether it is summer or winter, these shirts are just great to wear. The fabric and the design are tailored to fit the average man too. Comfortable to wear, these cotton shirts have an aristocratic look about them.

The classic shirt is suitable for almost formal events and goes well with all kinds of ties. The color of these shirts is generally a wide variety of pastel blue, pink, lemon and of course white. You can easily wear them with any kind of trouser too. Try pairing it with jeans and you have the best of combinations. These shirts go with suits as well as other trousers made from different fabrics. The creaseless quality of the shirts is another reason for its popularity. Just slip them on when required.

Some of the shirts may need to be pressed for that extra smartness but that again is done with ease because the material is supple enough. The white shirt from Charles is perhaps the most demanded one because of its versatility. These can be worn to weddings, conferences and are unsurpassed as far as office wear is concerned.

There are striped shirts too. The main characteristic of the shirt Charles is the simplicity of the designs. The Shirt from Charles is also known for the polo shirts they manufacture. Not just formal attire, even the casual wear is too good to be refused.