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T-Shirt Logo Design – One of the Best Brand Recognition Devices Today

T-Shirt Logo Design – One of the Best Brand Recognition Devices Today

New and refreshing ideas have always been the backbone of graphic industry which includes designing business logo’s as well. The best thing about them is that they can be utilized anywhere from a poster to billboard to shirt etc. This is why; today, the graphic design industry is booming like anything.

Shirt logo design is one of the best ways to portray one’s business to the world and there are various ways as well to use these clothes that have company’s logos printed on them.

1-You can make your employees wear the shirts.

2-You can visit various educational institutions and distribute them there.

3-If you have a sport team then your team can proudly wear it

4-Run regular competitions and give away the clothes as a prize.

5-You can wear it to represent your company if you are in exhibition or in a conference.

6-Freebie shirts can also be given at company sponsored events.

You must make sure that your corporate identity is designed well before implementing the preceding ideas for using shirts logos. For example:

• Check if the colors of clothe and corporate identity blends well. What if they both don’t complement each other? Usually, white shirts are preferred so that the logo looks prominent on it. Light colors are also used for these kinds of clothes.

• Make sure that the color of a shirt is not overshadowing the color of the corporate identity. This won’t make the onlooker’s eye look straight to the piece of shirt.

• The fonts of a corporate identity and a brand should complement each other. You can do this by using the same font for both of them or at least keep them similar.

• The placement of the corporate identity should be done carefully because it is the best way to attract the viewers to your brand’s name. Ideally, it is placed on the centre or the back of the top.

• The size of the corporate identity should not be too big or too small; it should be bigger enough to grab the viewer’s attention and it should be smaller enough to be adjusted on the shirt.

• The t shirt logo design should be in accordance with the theme and the nature of a company. So, make sure it reflects the true nature of your company to the viewers.

If you will follow the above told connotations for designing and printing your corporate identity on the t-shirts then you will surely be able to promote your company on a big scale. Just imagine the extra mileage a company’s t-shirt can deliver your business’s image as it portable enough to be taken anywhere.

I know, it would be difficult for you to design such corporate identities that can be used anywhere so why not go for professional graphic design services which will deliver you with the results as per your business requirements. All you have to do is, search for a good and reputed professional graphic design service, hire it and leave the remaining things up to them.

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