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Wearing a T Shirt Canvas

Wearing a T Shirt Canvas

Perhaps you were unaware of the fact that a white T-shirt makes a great fashion statement. Think of your white top as you would of a canvas. It can be used for the production of a whole lot of lovely paintings.

When you wear the white T-shirt it is the same thing. It can be featured in a lot of very different ways with the right combination.

A white top would be great thing to wear to a party. Throw it together with a pair of really classy blue jeans or a sexy mini skirt and add some gorgeous layered necklaces. The plainness of your T-shirt will not even be noticed under all the accessories, as they will draw all attention to themselves. ?�A�A�

The white top can be paired with a whole lot of other clothes. You could wear it with both shorts and mini skirts. You could also pair it with a bright blazer with a motif that will really set off the shirt. The color white catches people’s attention. Not just that, it also has the effect of making a person appear really fresh and cool.

Is your top loose for you? Use a belt! Pull in the shirt at the waist and give yourself a really causal yet still elegant look. And remember, a white shirt is never boring. Just pull up your sleeves and add some glitter or decorative stones on your arms.

You know how you would paint all over a canvas? Think of the shirt like that! Get lots of glitter and decorative stones and paint all over the shirt. And there you have it! It is no longer plain and boring.

Come the dry season and the weather starts getting unbearably hot and sunny. You will need something to combat the heat. Use your initiative and modify the simple white top to make a tank top.

Cut off the arm of the shirt with a pair of scissors. May be you could play around a bit with the collar to make some sort of a new design. All you need to do is be creative. Do not stop yourself from trying out something new.

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