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Why You Should Enter a T Shirt Design Competition

Why You Should Enter a T Shirt Design Competition

If you’re wondering whether you should enter a T Shirt Design Competition, then here’s why you should.

1. If you’re already artistic, then why not put your talent, skills and ideas to good use? You might win, and even if you don’t you might have started a fun hobby.

2. As a good designer you might want to show off your creative and design skills and ideas to the world. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get some of your ideas seen, and now is the perfect opportunity.

3. It might be that you already know what makes a good t shirt design. Perhaps you’re already involved in fashion, and know what people like, or what sells. Why not put your knowledge into practice and see what you can come up with?

4. If you have a good slogan that would work well on a T shirt, then why not see if others agree with you? It might be a catchphrase, a quote or other slogan that you think others need to be aware of.

5. Perhaps you have a good retro idea that would work well on a T shirt. What about old TV programmes, fashions, celebrities or vehicles? What can you come up with?

6. You might want to choose something topical and of the moment for your design. What about keeping a close eye on the news, or the celebs or see what is big online?

7. Perhaps you’ll use a T shirt design contest to help you get into the fashion or design industry. You might get spotted, or just want something else to add to your CV and portfolio.

8. Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to design and make your own T shirts for a living, and want to see whether there’s a market for them. Your designs might be a bit controversial, or niche, and so why not see what people think of them first?

9. Maybe you’re entering a design competition for the fame. Perhaps creating a design that has been turned into limited edition clothing, will help your spread your name around the fashion community and the T shirt community, so that you become more respected.

10. You might be entering as you want to win, and want the prize money. If you’re very successful, and can create winning designs more often, then you might be able to significantly supplement your income.

Now you know more about T shirt design competitions, and why you should enter them, perhaps you’ll design the next range of exciting limited edition clothing.