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Choosing the Right Top For You According to Your Figure

Choosing the Right Top For You According to Your Figure

Each woman is unique and beautiful in her way. There is no perfect shape. Perfection, even if it defies its definition, changes every season, and on the catwalk nowadays there are women that have very different body types from the ones that used to present clothes for famous designers in the past. Some say that now there isn’t even a type of perfect woman. All women are perfect if they know how to highlight their qualities.

Women have to love their bodies and just learn some tricks to become appreciated also by the others. In what concerns ladies tops, women should know that they have to wear only the ones that flatter their body shape. In choosing the right top for your figure there are some aspects that women have to become aware of. First of all take a look at the fabric, the cut, the length, even the length of the sleeves. Then the print on the fabric is very important. For example we all know that vertical lines slim down your waist and make you look taller. Larger prints put an emphasis on the area, so if your breast area is large enough don’t wear tops with large prints.

But probably before analyzing the top, women should first analyze their upper part of the body. If the torso is shorter than the lower body, then the best thing to do is to wear tops that put an emphasis on shoulders and flow through the waist. You ca also wear medium to long tops. In this case one of the best solutions would be blazers. If you have a long torso, feel free to wear short tops, such as bandeau tops, bolero jackets, shrugs, even layered tops like double-tee tops or draped bodice tops.

After taking into consideration the length of the upper body in comparison to the lower one, we should take a look at the three major female body types: hourglass figure, inverted triangle figure and pear shape body. Women that have hourglass types of body may consider themselves very lucky. Fitted clothes like corset tops, low neckline tops, and practically all types of tops that define their waistline are suitable for this kind of figure. Inverted triangle body shape women can also wear low necklines, but for them it is recommended to find tops with three-quarter length sleeves. And last but not least pear shape body type that is advised to wear jackets or blazers with shoulder pads and is possible short sleeved tops and high necklines such as halter tops.

Women have an infinity of body shapes. But there is no ideal one. The important thing is to become aware of how you look like and make the best out of it.…

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This Season, Create the Perfect Look for Your Little Boy

This Season, Create the Perfect Look for Your Little Boy

If you have a little boy, it can be difficult to find suitable clothing; you want to buy clothes that are both hardwearing, and fashionable, too. This season, for boy’s clothes, it is all about opting for a casual and trendy look: that ageless and effortless style that will have your friends cooing about how cute your little soldier is looking.

Achieving the casual and trendy look is simple, items that have a vintage aura, such as leather belts with thick silver buckles, and worn-look jeans, with a layering effect, capture the look perfectly. There are many items of clothing that suit this look, and not only will your kids look great, they will feel comfortable and confident too, knowing that they will be the hit of the playground this season. Dress them up and wait for the party initiations to come pouring in.

To get the casual and trendy look, there are a few essential items. Here, we will cover each in turn; discussing colour schemes, layering issues, and fit.

Funky Graphic Tees

A staple addition to any boy’s wardrobe, old or young. Graphic tees are extremely popular, and you will find that there is a great deal of choice from which to choose. They fall into that supremely easy category of boy’s clothes: the one that you both like. There are many choices to be made, do you want a slogan, a cartoon character, a funky print, or a rock style image. Get these tees in a bright colour, this will make them the focal part of any outfit, and mean that you can buy the rest of the outfit in plainer colours, but that the overall effect of the look, will be exciting and bright.

Casual Shirts

You will need to layer the graphic tee with a casual shirt; a button-up style is preferable. When you put together the outfit, make sure all the buttons are undone, or fasten only a few in the middle, and that it is untucked. This provides both a sophisticated look, coupled with a laid-back image, portraying style and sophistication. Opt for simple designs, such as stripes or chequers, but make sure they do not clash with the tee.


You can purchase warmer clothing to layer on the outside of the shirt and tee, opt for hoodies, blazers, or cardigans to create a really trendy look. Again, choose designs that are plain, so that the tee remains the focal point of the outfit.


Boys like to run around a lot, so it is important to choose boys clothes that have a bit of room. Opt for worn look jeans, in medium to dark colours. If they prefer to wear chinos or corduroy, then choose a lighter colour.


The main rule with footwear, regardless of age and gender, is to wear shoes in a shade that is darker than your trousers. Therefore, buy shoes in either black or brown. Boots are fantastic for achieving that laid-back, casual, look.…

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The Beauty of Screen Printed T-Shirts

The Beauty of Screen Printed T-Shirts

Have you tried out a screen printed T-shirt? Who doesn’t love wearing custom T-shirts? They’re cheap, comfortable and best of all, they make a statement. Silk screen printing is one of the most commonly used methods of making T-shirts with a personal message and even are a great way of designing company uniforms.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a business, an artistic stay-at-home mom or a teenager on your summer break, t-shirts are a great way to have fun expressing yourself and of course staying comfortable. A screen printed t-shirt provides an excellent platform for the customer to choose a t-shirt that reflects his personality. Normally, these shirts contain a slogan, picture, cartoon, joke or any kind of statement that goes in tune with the wearer’s personal style. The comfortable fabrics, excellent designs and freedom of choice make screen printed T-shirts wildly popular.

Apart from just being an element of fashion and style, screen printed T-shirts can help create a continuous atmosphere of professionalism that permeates through your business and is very apparent to a client or customer who walks in the door. Adopting an uniform for your employees is the best way to instill a sense of equity and belonging and at the same time portray a professional image. There is indeed no better way than screen printed T-shirts that can help you in choosing uniforms that are stylish as well as exude an air of professionalism. They are not as formal as button up business shirts but the logos and designs of the company that are imprinted on them attract customers.

T-shirts which are screen printed make lovely gifts too for any occasion. The best part about these T-shirts is the fact that they can serve the same purpose as a personalized gift. You can easily get a custom message or a zodiac sign of the wearer and the like imprinted on the T-shirt. The best way to get these printed tees is to shop online. There are plenty of online stores that deal in screen printed T-shirts and embroidered products. You can get started by choosing blank T-shirts available in various colors and styles. The next step would be to choose a message, a quote, a saying or frame one of your own. Online apparel stores can thus cater to all kinds of T-shirt fashion needs. They are definitely great value for money.…

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Reasons You Should Consider Shopping for Cheap Clothes

Reasons You Should Consider Shopping for Cheap Clothes

Due to the change in the fashion industry, a large percentage of people think that the best way to look great and chic is by wearing expensive label clothes. However, this is far from the truth as there are several other cheap options at your disposal that will make you look superb and at a cheaper cost. What is more, there are several benefits associated with shopping for cheap clothes. For starters, the most important reason is the fact that they are cheap. To confirm this, it is advisable to draw up a chart for all your expenses. You will note that clothes and accessories make up for a large percentage of the expenses. By opting to buy cheap clothes, you get the opportunity to look superb and at the same time, save money.

Contrary to popular belief it is important to state that accessorizing the clothes is far more important than the brand of clothes worn. If you are able to pull this off, it will be difficult for people to note the brand name of the clothes as you end up looking chic. It is therefore more advisable to team up your clothes with jewelry that makes a more pronounced fashion statement.

By opting for cheap clothes, it is also easier to get more clothes at a considerably lower cost. In addition to this, this will also ensure that you don’t have to fret so much about frequently buying new clothes. More importantly, it is ideal to state that these clothes are of high quality and they will give you great service for your money and they will not fail in delivering the sense of fashion you are looking for.

There are several cloth brands that come with low end lines and as such, it is easy to find all manners of collection in these places. It is precisely for this reason that it is advisable to consider shopping from such stores in order to ensure that you get the best possible deals. This comes in handy especially for people who are brand conscious and do not want to go over the budget they have in mind while shopping. At the end of the day, it is important to note that clothes can only go so far to outline your personality and instead of spending so much shopping for the same, it is ideal to opt for cheaper options.…

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Safe School Uniforms for Boys

Safe School Uniforms for Boys

With fall approaching it’s time to start thinking about clothing for school-age boys. Recently a heated debate has surfaced regarding the fashions worn by teenagers at middle schools and high school and how certain trends have caused fights, harassment and offensive behavior. Though school uniforms used to be the trademark of private and prep schools more state and parochial schools are considering instituting dress codes to avoid cliques, gangs and other social behavior that can alienate students. If you are sending a boy to school that has a dress code, or just want them to look decent in class, there are a few simple rules to follow that will allow your kid to avoid any fashion hassles.

For boys the traditional school uniform is often comprised of khaki pants, a polo shirt or dress shirt and sweaters. Khaki pants are a staple of any men’s wardrobe and when accented with a black or brown belt makes for a smart presentation. Of course, when buying khaki pants for school it is expected that the waistline is fit. Baggy clothes have become a warning sign in many schools and pants that sag is basically a sign of laziness.

For warm fall and spring days your school may allow for shorts in which case you can find appropriate khaki shorts for boys that will match well with polo shirts. Shorts may also be required for physical education classes and school sports team so giving your boy a few pairs of elastic band pull-on shorts will certainly come in handy.

Boy school uniforms usually include a polo shirt. Whether a long sleeve or short sleeve, the polo shirt is synonymous with all grade levels, even college, and choosing a well-fitting polo shirt in blue, white, tan or black will match the dress code of almost any institution. For formal occasions consider the oxford dress shirt that is about as traditional a shirt as you are likely to find. You can accessorize polo and oxford shirts with fashionable cardigan sweaters and v-neck sweater vests that present a sharp and clean look.

Boy school uniforms may also include outerwear such as bomber jackets, fleece hooded sweatshirts and windbreakers. If you child is attending a private school the administrators will definitely make you aware of the dress code but if your boy attends a public school that does not have strict uniform guidelines consider jackets and sweatshirts that are basic in style and simple in color. Bomber jackets and fleece sweatshirts in blue, green, maroon or grey are safe choices for fitting in with almost any dress code.…

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Need Promotional Clothing? 10 Tips for Getting It Right

Need Promotional Clothing? 10 Tips for Getting It Right

If you’re looking for promotional clothing, then you’ll want to make sure that you get what you need, and don’t make an expensive mistake.

Here’s what you need to think about.

1. You’ll need to know what your promotional clothing is for. Are you launching a new product? Trying to encourage people to sign your petition? Getting your brand some more publicity?

2. What type of clothing you need depends on what you’re promoting. You might just want a few T shirts, with your band name on, or you might want fleeces, polo shirts, sweatshirts and waterproof clothing with your company logo on.

3. When you need it for will also help you to determine what you need. if you’re looking at promoting summer events, then you’ll want T shirts, whereas a winter event might be more suited to fleeces and sweatshirts.

4. The turnaround time will be important to you if you’re working to a tight deadline, or are often informed of events at short notice. A promotional clothing company that can meet your needs at short notice will really be appreciated.

5. Depending on what you need, you’ll want your logo clothing to be durable and long lasting, so that it doesn’t need replacing regularly.

6. You’ll want to make sure that your design is appropriate for your T shirt or fleece. A design that looks good in print, or on the side of your building might not look so good on a polo shirt.

7. If you’re promoting events, then you’ll want to attract the most publicity and awareness, and so you’ll want bold colours and designs.

8. Promotional clothing can make excellent prizes and giveaways. So if you’re looking to attract more attention an customers, why not see how logo clothing can improve your brand awareness?

9. To promote and in store sale you might want your staff to wear promotional clothing announcing the fact. Perhaps it will be a one off event, or time sensitive, and so you might not be too bothered about the quality, if the sale is only on for a couple of days.

10. Getting value for money is essential, and so you’ll need to make sure that you get the right design for your event, shop or charity. If you’re not sure what you need, then why not ask your promotional clothing supplier for help?

Now you know what to look for, you’ll be able to get the perfect promotional clothing.…

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2011 Fashion Tips (For Men)

2011 Fashion Tips (For Men)

Fashion can often be a confusing thing. Items can be hot one minute and not the next, so what should the savvy man be wearing? We’ve put together a little guide to give you the lowdown. Striped sweaters are very popular right not as they’re both slimming and attractive. We love the sweaters that come in block colors and have the occasional sliver of horizontal piping across them, but you can choose anything from lots of thin stripes to a few thick stripes.

An absolute must for men who hate ironing is the broadcloth shirt. These are essentially long-sleeved dress shirts but with a bit of added rumple for that ‘just got out of bed look’. But don’t worry – you won’t look like you’ve dressed in a hurry as they’re also really well cut so you can be sure of looking stylish and put-together, not mismatched and hurried. Choose from a range of colors to find one that looks gorgeous on you. Crisp white is also a really good look.

Another really trendy men’s clothing item right now is the belted jacket. You have loads of choice here, which is great, as it means you’re not just limited to one style. You could choose a belted leather trench, a long wool coat with a belt or a shorted belted jacket that will not only help to secure your coat around you but add an interesting style feature to your garment. Dark colors work really well here, so stick to black, grey or dark blue for a sophisticated look.

If you’re not convinced by the belted option, then considered the black jean or denim jacket. This is really hot right now and it provides a great alternative to regular dark or stonewashed denim. It’ll even look fantastic with your jeans, so you don’t have to worry about clashing shades of denim anymore. You can also pick a jacket that best suits your shape as it’s available as both fitted and looser options. The dyed black denim puts a great twist on the original trend.

The last entry on our list of hot items in men’s clothing is the plaid flannel shirt, which we think looks awesome when teamed with the black jean jacket as discussed above. Particularly great is the fact that flannel is breathable enough to be warm any time but will also keep you warm in the winter. You’re not just limited to one color with the plaid, either, as it now comes in a range of shades, making this eternally popular shirt an even more attractive prospect.…

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