Gifts for the Gun Lover in Your Life

Are you looking for a gift for the gun lover in your life? Perhaps a gun is a bit out of your price range. No problem! There are many gun-related gifts that are not only awesome but useful and fairly inexpensive.

Gun Storage and Transport

  • Help your loved one celebrate that newly acquired concealed carry permit with a concealed weapons holster.
  • If you have kids, a gun safe is a must. Even if you don’t have kids, it is nice to know that your guns will be safely stored when you’re not around. Or, you can get a gun lock, which keeps your gun safely locked but also allows it to be unlocked quickly.

For the Firing Range

  • Clean guns are safe guns. A kit to use for gun cleaning before heading out to the range is both thoughtful and practical.
  • Firearm practice is a great idea (and fun, too), but it can get dangerously loud out on the shooting range. Invest in some quality ear protection for them to wear.
  • And don’t forget some shooting targets for the range. How about several shooting targets of different types and sizes, all wrapped up with a pretty bow?
  • The gun range is the perfect place for your loved one to proudly show off their snazzy new pro-gun t-shirt.

At Home

  • Guns are serious, but you don’t have to be, especially when you and your loved one are relaxing at home. Treat your loved one (or yourself) to a gun shaped ice cube mold, a revolver cylinder pen holder, or even a .50 caliber bullet corkscrew (or all three!).
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As you can see, there are plenty of ways to treat your favorite gun enthusiast, even if you just can’t afford a gun. There are lots of things gun owners need and will enjoy, for safety but also for fun.