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Month: April 2018


Have you ever heard where are the largest malls in the world? At first, the mall is well known as a place to shop and looking for people needed. But nowadays, many people consider mall as a place for family recreation, hanging out with friends, eating out, playing and a series of other fun activities. Mall has become the destination for family enjoys their weekends. Enjoy quality time with family at the mall is not always boring. Family recreation arena could be an option that you can enjoy with your kids at the mall. Here is the list of the 4 largest malls in the world you need to know.

Cevahir Istanbul, Turkey

Shopping and Entertainment Centre Cevahir Istanbul was also known as Şişli Kültür ve Ticaret Merkez is the first largest mall in Europe as a place for rent between 2005 and 2011. Cevahir Istanbul considered as one of the largest malls in the world, with total building area 420.000 m². There are 20 floors in total and 6 floors which filled with 343 stores, some of them are the first international branded store in Turkey. There are also 34 fast food restaurants and 14 exclusive restaurants.

Dubai Mall, Dubai

With total building area more than 12.000.000 sq ft, Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world in term of building area. Dubai Mall also achieves the Guinness World Record for its “Largest Acrylic Panel”. You can find more than 1200 stores, indoor aquarium, 250 luxurious hotel bedroom, 120 restaurants and cafe, and also 22 movie screens.

Mall Of America, Minnesota USA

Mall of America which was opened in 1992 is the third biggest mall in North America and one of the largest malls in the world. It has a total gross area of 4.200.000 sq ft. Mall Of America is the most visited mall in the world, with 40.000.000 visitors every year.

Tokyo Midtown Mall, Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Midtown Mall in Tokyo Japan is a mixed-use development area in Roppongi which was opened in 2007. This mall is one of the largest malls in the world. The main tower is occupied by many international companies such as Yahoo, Fuji, John Hopkins Hospital and Ritz Carlton Hotel.…


As the rapid development about information traffic, it makes many media companies grow faster. Nowadays, You can find both mass and online media easily. It is not only the big corporate that can build a media company, but also small company has the same opportunity. If you are wondering how to start a media company, you may need these tips below. It will help you to know about steps how to start a media company.

Follow The Government’s Law

The first step on how to start a media company is follow the Government’s Law. Setting up a media company, both of mass and online media have to follow the requirements of the Government. A media company must have the legal entities to declare the name, address, and person in charge publicly especially for the press publication, it needs to put the name and printing address.

Develop A Legal Media Company

The next step on how to start a media company is make it legal. A professional media company has to be legally recognized. The establishment of a media company must comply with the provisions of the Government’s Legislation. Furthermore, in doing the journalistic activities both of mass media and online media must keep referring to the press regulations and law, ethics codes of journalism, as well as the guideline. There is also a Press Council that supervise all the media companies.

Online Media Company

The other step on how to start a media company is deciding what kind of media company it is. Creating an online media company is considerably easier than other mass media or print media. A mess media or a print media needs complete devices such as working table and seats, and also printing tools at the office. You need to buy a domain and hosting for your website. Then design an interesting layout to make it simple and easy for people to read the news and information.

From the business side, comparing of both online media and the print media would be far smaller than the print media. But it also affects the income that you will get in the print media than online media. Hopefully, the simple tips on how to start a media company will help you to achieve your dream and start your business.


The development of internet technology at this time make many online shopping websites or E-Commerce developing rapidly. They all build online stores that sell a wide range of goods and services just like a shopping mall. But if you want a safety shopping, you have to know online shopping tips first. Nowadays, customers get used to online shopping more because of the ease they provided. Some online stores provide cheaper price, cashback, and free shipping promo. Here are some online shopping tips you need to remember.

Don’t Be Easily Tempted By Cheap Price

The first online shopping tips reconsider buying stuff just because the price they offered is cheap. Don’t be easily swayed by the promo advertising from e-mail or pop up advertising. We recommend you to visit the official online shopping website and buy the product from these sites.

Read The Products Clearly

The next online shopping tips read the products description thoroughly. Each product has a different description. You may be suspicious of the well known and branded product that they offer at a low price.

Consider The Payment Method

The next online shopping tips consider how you pay the products. Usually, in an online shopping, you need to pay with credit card. With this payment method, you will have a solid proof which is can be the proof if the product you receive different with the ones you ordered. The other payment method you can do is Cash On Delivery or money transfer. You can consider this method payment is safer than credit cards transaction.

Compare The Price

The next online shopping tips compare the price from many online shopping websites. You can start comparing the price from the products price until the shipping fee. Some online shopping sites sometimes provide free shipping fee for promotion.

Save The Transaction Notes

The last online shopping tips save all your transaction notes. Including the product description and price, digital receipts, and also the copies of emails between you and the seller.…