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Month: January 2020

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5 Facts You Should Konw About Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof backpacks have recently become a growing trend and are being sold by many retailers in the United States. While commonly sold for tactical purposes, many of these backpacks are making their way onto school campuses, airports, and other common locations. If you’re considering purchasing one, here are five facts you should know.

  1. There Are Bulletproof Backpacks for Children

A rise in mass school shootings is one of the main reasons that many parents have started buying bulletproof backpacks for their children. While most bulletproof bags come in basic colors with little decoration, there are some geared for children that feature bold colors and more unique patterns.

  1. Backpacks Can Be Used as a Shield

In addition to protecting an individual’s back when worn, children or adults can crouch behind backpacks and use them for cover. However, it is often best to take an active approach and attempt to escape once you feel safe.

  1. Many Models Are Made for Everyday Use

While there are plenty of tactical backpacks for sale that offer protection from bullets, many models look and function just like regular backpacks. They might include laptop pockets, multiple compartments, padded shoulders, USB ports, and more.

  1. Backpacks Should Be NJI Certified

Any piece of body armor clothing or equipment should be tested by the National Institute of Justice to ensure it meets compliance and performance standards. For instance, bulletproof backpacks should meet the Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard.

  1. Ballistics Have a Five-Year Expiration

When shopping for backpacks, you might notice most models come with a five-year warranty. That is because after this point ballistic products often expire. Some may deteriorate even earlier if left in the sun or harsh weather conditions. Most backpacks come with removable shields, so you will only need to replace the shield instead of the entire backpack.…