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3 Ways To Keep Disruptive Patrons Out

Sometimes, unfortunate events occur, and you have to ban some patrons from your establishment. This can happen after a physical altercation, an act of disrespect, or anything else that breaks your rules. Here are three ways that you can ensure that those people stay out of your building for good.

1. Fingerprinting

After you ban someone, you can take his or her fingerprints and keep them on file. That way, if you ever suspect that he or she is sneaking in, you can pull him or her aside and compare prints. Digital fingerprint collecting Coral Gables FL is more popular than ever now that the technology to store and check fingerprints digitally.

2. Security

Security is perhaps the most important safeguard involved in banning patrons. If you work in a field that has to ban people frequently, such as a bar or other adult facility, or if you live in a rough area that is susceptible to violence, you need security. Security guards should be large and imposing and also smart enough to keep people out in creative ways if necessary.

3. Barring

If you would rather send a message to someone than blatantly punish him or her, you could consider temporarily barring him or her from entering your establishment instead of outright banning him or her. This will discourage other patrons from replicating those actions in the future, and it leaves the possibility open that the barred patron will return to your business in the future. The duration of the bar is up to your discretion.

It is never fun to ban a paying customer, but it is an unfortunate reality of life as a business owner. Luckily, modern conveniences have made it easier than ever to keep your business safe from these people so they cannot continue to disrupt you and your more well-behaved customers.