Are Dog Clothes Necessary?

Whether you buy your dog clothes or not is your decision to make. However, there are times when your dog will need at least certain types of clothing for protection.

We all want the best for our dogs, and it does not matter if they are the little cutesy dogs or if they are big and strong. We look for the best food, the sturdiest and safest toys, the most comfortable beds, and the very best of veterinary care. We want them to be healthy and happy. Why not add clothing to the healthy part of their life.

Dogs can contract the same sort of viral conditions that we do in the inclement weather, the common cold and the flu both of which can be more serous in a dog. But, we protect ourselves with clothing that keeps us warm especially when we walk the dog. The dog, on the other hand, has nothing more that what Mother Nature gave him with which to weather the ice, snow and winds of winter.

If for no other reason, you should buy your dog warm clothing for its winter walks. This kind of clothing would include either a sweater or a jacket with a hood. The hood will protect the ears. Keep in mind that your dog is an indoor pet and does not run loose outside, and for that reason does not have the thick pads that outdoor dogs have. Your dog should have shoes to protect those soft pads from snow, rain and ice. It is particularly important to keep the feet from sticking to the ice. If you have a problem keeping the hood of the sweater or jacket in place, then wrap a scarf around the dog’s neck and that will keep the hood in place.

If you are not an advocate for clothing for dogs, then you should not dress your dog unless there is a reason for it. Not everyone thinks that dog’s are cute when they are dressed, but you should buy it some warm clothes if you live in an area where the winters can become blustering cold. For inclement weather, your dog’s apparel should include a hooded sweater or jacket, hooded rain apparel, and shoes. This wardrobe is not for showing off; it is for practical use and warmth.

Small dogs are the most vulnerable to catching colds and viruses in the cold weather. They are closer to the ground where it is coldest and generally, the smaller dogs do not have much in the way of hair on their bodies. Clothes for the smaller dogs should be made of a warm fabric and most often the scarf will be needed not only for additional warmth but to keep the hood in place.

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