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Designing Your Bakery for Success

Your bakery’s layout is the first visual your customer gets of your business, and you want to display your offerings in the best way. A layout and floor plan that best suits your business is a key to its success.

Layout Considerations

  • Move to the Right—People move naturally to the right, so encourage your customers to move that way through your layout.
  • Make Room—To avoid congestion, create aisles at least 4 feet wide and with breaks. If aisles are too long or unbroken, customers stay less engaged and miss products.
  • Give the Eyes a Feast—Draw your customers in with a display at the front of the store showing your baked goods. Consulting case manufacturers can help you choose the perfect design for your shop.
  • Stay Up to Code—To avoid any violations, be sure to research your state’s health code. If your layout follows those codes, you should not have any issues later.

After taking these tips into account, it is time to choose the floor plan that best suits the type of bakery you own, the service style, and its unique needs.

Floor Plans

  • Angular—This floor plan makes use of curved displays and angled aisles for a sophisticated and diverse experience. While you cannot display as many products, you can focus on specific items; this plan is perfect for specialty bakeries.
  • Diagonal—This layout offers great traffic flow and visibility for customers and staff. Cashiers can see if customers need help and address their needs. This plan is good for self-serve establishments.
  • Straight—This plan is less costly than others. It gives you more opportunity to experiment with layout, and since fixtures and displays are at right angles, it’s efficient.

Your bakery’s design is as important as your business plan and menu, so taking time on it will help with its success.