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Fashion, Fad and Fun With T-Shirts

Fashion, Fad and Fun With T-Shirts

Originally, T-shirts were used as underwear. No surprise there as these versatile pieces of clothing were originally the upper part of the union suit, which was the popular long underwear for men and women during the 19th century.

Eventually, T-shirts were so comfortable that it was a shame to hide them underneath military dress uniforms, three-piece suits and the like. And so out came the T-shirts as outer wear, probably the most popular garment no matter in which part of the world you find yourself in.

Nowadays, you can go out into the world in whatever color, style and size of T-shirt you fancy. You can be fashionable in them with expensive designer looks. You can be plebeian in them, thanks to generic brands. You can be funny, fun and fabulous with printed, decorated and colored T-shirts and nobody can tell you otherwise.

And if you have plenty of plain T-shirts just sitting in your closet, you can put new life into them by turning them from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan of fashion. How is this possible? Well, accessorize them, of course!

First, you can put your arts and crafts skills to good use. Take a plain T-shirt and then add buttons, ribbons, sequins, appliques, patches and embroidery to whatever part of the garment. This way, you come up with a truly unique shirt from a humdrum, store-bought one.

Second, you may put scissors and needle to the T-shirts. For example, you should play around with various lengths from the mid-thigh to the midriff-baring T-shirt, all from the large T-shirts from when you were still, uhm, chubby. You can even make artful cutouts on the T-shirts for that fashionable look.

Third, you can jazz up your T-shirts with just a few additions of the right accessories. Think along the lines of costume jewelry, belts and scarves in various colors, lengths and styles. You can instantly transform your look from casual to artsy in just a few seconds, all because you found the right accessories to dress up your T-shirt.

Fourth, you should also consider adding a jacket, blazer or cardigan to your T-shirt. Just make sure that the colors complement each other lest you come off as a psychedelic hippie. Unless, that’s what you were aiming for in the first place, then go ahead. You can even take this look from the office to the neighborhood pub!

There are plenty of ways to dress down and dress up your T-shirts. Just use your imagination, creativity and personality to this fashion project and you are sure to come out looking like a million bucks even in an inexpensive T-shirt.