Gifts For Horse Lovers – Strategies For Picking the Perfect Gift

Horse lovers are a funny group of people and can often be tough to buy gifts for, whether that is during the holiday season or for a birthday or other event. As a lifetime horse rider and horse lover I can tell you that people who have tried to target my horsey side have often left a lot to be desired! To avoid that happening to you here are a few strategies that you can use to decide what to buy for your horse lover.

Before you gallop off to the tack store, consider talking to your horse lover in order to try to get a handle on what they are involved in. Once you have a little bit of information you can head over to the tack store armed with some knowledge and walk in, talk the language and ask for help.

The first thing to find out is what sort of discipline they are involved in. Are they an eventer, a jumper, a polo player or a dressage rider for example? Do they ride western or English style? You may not know what they mean, but its good information to have. Most styles and disciplines have their own specialized equipment and knowing the discipline will help you once you get to the tack store.

General items are good for horse people as well. You can buy books on horses, or discipline specific books if you’re feeling brave! We all need warm clothes, boots, pants and equipment to be used around the barn in order to keep things tidy. As horse lovers we tend to wear out equipment quickly so it is always worth asking if there is anything that you horse lover has recently worn out or needs replacing.

When all else fails and you simply can’t find anything to work with then sometimes its worth grabbing something even more general! Head over to the nearest tack store and grab some horse treats for the pony, or just grab a horse t-shirt (or even better a horse hoodie for the winter) for the horse lover. That way you’ll be sure they have something that they will like and that they will wear (just check out any horse show during the summer – horse t-shirts are everywhere!).

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By Suzana