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Hawaiian Shirt for Aloha Fridays

Hawaiian Shirt for Aloha Fridays

Hawaiian Shirts are fun and cool. When it comes to work, there are usually casual Fridays. So, everyone is laid back and being themselves. Make casual Friday into Aloha Fridays. Use calm, soothing color items for a tropical paradise and some fun in the sun. What to wear on Aloha Fridays? Read on to find out.

Starting with the ladies, the possibilities are endless when wearing Hawaiian shirts. Wear a solid color pair of khakis, capri pants, or a skirt. The color will match the shirt so it will blend in beautifully. Gorgeous tropical flowers can be a great complement to a woman’s skin tone. Use lighter makeup to bring out the colors of the shirt or use eye-popping eye shadow to create an awesome look. Then, pull the hair back and add a beautiful tropical flower on your ear to match. Maybe add a flower bracelet to complement the shirt along with a pair of tropical flower sandals. Use a sexy summer Hawaiian dress that is designed as a T-shirt or shirt dress. Just hide a pair of bikini shorts underneath it. It will look super hot and sexy. There can be a variety of flowers; beach scenes, gorgeous beach sunsets, or even birds of paradise can make great conversation pieces. Add beach jewelry and hair accessories and Aloha Friday is ready to kick back and party.

With the guys for Aloha Fridays, a simple Hawaiian shirt is easier. They already look great, so its time to add an air of sexiness and casualness. Throw out the strict business mannerism, show your true self and shock everyone. Definitely choose a color that will match your skin tone. A lot of times red, yellow, or orange will not look great on a guy. Go for the popular blues, greens, and purples. Blend the colors into a great scene that will be the talk of everyone. Leave the Hawaiian shirt half unbuttoned for a casual, sexy look. How about five o’ clock somewhere? A Margarita in one hand kicking back on the beach with a sexy lady in a bikini is a great Hawaiian shirt. If flowers are fine, then mix it with some hot chicks, water, and sun. Do not forget a great pair of black sunglasses and sandals.

There are a thousand different ways to wear a Hawaiian shirt for Aloha Fridays. Definitely make it fun and a party atmosphere with punch, food, and snacks along with plenty of decor. Once Aloha Fridays are created, there is never going back. This is some serious fun!