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How to Design Your Simple White T Shirt?

How to Design Your Simple White T Shirt?

Were you aware of the fact that a white T-shirt can make you look like a real fusionist? The white top can be used like a canvas. Imagine all the different paintings you can try out on that white shirt.

So it is the same thing when you actually wear it. Think of all the different designs that the white T can pull off.

If ever you are confused about what to wear to a party, try going for a white top. You could pair it with some classy blue jeans or perhaps a sexy mini skirt, either of which you could then combine with layered necklaces for accessorizing. All eyes will be drawn to the accessories, and the other guests will not even notice that you are wearing only a plain white shirt.

There are a lot of really awesome blazers that you could try wearing with the shirt. The colors will really set off the white. The top can be worn with both mini skirts and shorts. White is not only an attention grabbing color, but it will also make you look much cooler and fresher then normal.

For a white top that is loose, belt it at the waist so that it gives that hard to achieve, casual yet still elegant, look. Do not think that a white shirt is in any way boring. Roll up your sleeves, and use some glitter or rhinestones to jazz up the ordinary look.

Use your white shirt the way you would a canvas. Use glitter, decorative stones, anything you can get your hands on and paint the shirt and voila! The shirt is no longer plane and simple.

During the dry season, the weather normally gets really hot and sunny. You will definitely need to wear something which has a cooling effect. Just modify your white top to make a tank top.

Get hold of a pair of scissors and cut off the arm of the shirt. Experiment around with the collar to make a new design that you like. All you really need is some creativity. Let it loose and do not be afraid to make something completely new.

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