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Men’s Dress Shirt – Great Tips For Looking Sharp in Custom Made Shirts

Men’s Dress Shirt – Great Tips For Looking Sharp in Custom Made Shirts

Wearing the right men’s dress shirt can have a serious impression on those around you. Whether you work in a corporate position, need a new men’s shirt for a special occasion or just enjoy a comfortable fit, your shirt will be an important piece of your personality and how others perceive you. It’s also possible that having the wrong attire on could cost you a deal, and possibly your job.

Generating the Right Look

What makes the perfect look when putting together a men’s shirt with the right tie and the right suit? The look many men generate when dressing for business is one that does not quite fit. Many times it is either too tight fitting or too loose. The sleeves are either too short or too long. In order to get the neck to fit, the rest of the shirt is too large.

The typical men’s dress shirt available today is made on the premise that a small fits every small man, a medium fits every medium man and so forth. This is not true for most men. Everyone does not have the same body type therefore, the same medium men’s shirt is not going to fit correctly on all size mediums.

Where to Find the Right Fit

What you’ll find is the best avenue for purchasing a men’s dress shirt or several of them is by getting a tailor. Having your shirt custom made allows you to get the proper feel in every area. When you take this route you will feel so much more comfortable throughout the game, and you’ll look better as well.

No one wants to wear clothing that does not fit well. Since every body type is different, the dress shirt must be different as well. Some shirts that fit correctly everywhere else are too tight in the neck. This can be very uncomfortable especially when worn for an eight or ten hour day.

The first reaction is to snatch off the tie, unbutton the shirt and breathe. However, you cannot always do this. So the men’s dress shirt you purchase will need to fit in the neck area as well as the sleeves, shoulders and the length of the shirt. Most likely the only place you are going to be able to find a shirt that fits in all of these areas at the same time is to have one custom made.

So if you do work in the corporate world, make sure you understand that a dress shirt is extremely important. If you head to the store and just purchase a shirt off the rack, it’s not going to be as comfortable as a custom tailored men’s dress shirts. Plus, it will build a persona amongst everyone else you encounter each day.

Granted, we can’t really tell you what to do, but we highly recommend purchasing the right men’s shirts in the beginning. Once you have the right men’s wear and add in a good complexion as well as hair color and style, you will be ready to conquer the world. If you still have a hard time deciding about each men’s dress shirt you purchase, we recommend doing some research. You never what you might find to add to your collection.