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Shirt Lock Vs Conventional Shirt Stays

Shirt Lock Vs Conventional Shirt Stays

Key Points On What makes Shirt Lock a better alternative to conventional shirt stays.

If you have come to read this article on Shirt Lock then I assume that you have prior knowledge on what shirt strays are which help to keep your shirt in place and makes you look sharp.

Shirt Lock is the new trendsetter in the industry of accessories to clothing, it has brought a unimaginable transformation,serving a wide variety of people with their product ranging from children to women and from students to law enforcers throughout the globe.

They have grown very popular with the advent of them becoming a part of the military and police uniform. The conventional shirt stays have a simple design; they are nothing but an elastic strap with hooks similar to the age old suspender belts and pull the shirt and clip it onto the socks. Apart from the basic difference in their design there many other points that makes Shirt Lock waist belts better than the former ones:

* Material matters: Yes the new type of belts is made of nylon material that is not irritating but rather soft. It gives you good comfort compared to the conventional ones which may sometime cause discomfort at shoulder and neck. They contain no hooks for suspension but instead make use of Velcro type of materials to hold them without even having the feel of them around your waist.

* Space For Use: These have an edge over the other ones as wearing them is not a big deal because they occupy only some space along the circumference of your waist compared to the conventional ones going from the ends of your shirt till your feet and may cause uneasiness due to contraption while you sit and get up.

* Durability: Applying some science, the stays always have some greater force on them compared to these new ones as a result of which they lose their elastic nature soon thereby reducing their life. On the other hand the king of your waists have longer life because they are free of any tensile forces and work similar to the belt that you put through the loops of your pants.

* Cost: Even in this aspect, the stays lose; it is because of the present day market scenario. Right from the time they carved a niche for themselves into the battle dress uniforms (BDUs) as stated earlier like their conventional counterparts, they have outgrown stays that there has a come a huge competition in manufacturing them. So, without compromise in quality they are available for fair prices.

How so ever good these may be, it is your duty to beware of cheap duplicates available in the market that compromise on the quality. So, it is always better to compare before getting one.