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Why You Should Add Organic Cotton T-Shirts to Your Collection

Why You Should Add Organic Cotton T-Shirts to Your Collection

When you pick up a simple T-shirt, you do not even bother to think or to relate to the fact that there could be an effect of your purchase, on the environment. Sounds like a shock. Well, it is true. The kind of T-shirt you buy, its fabric type and the process of making it could have an adverse effect on the environment. Who would think that a simple T-shirt could be environmental friendly? Many people need some enlightenment on this. By the end of this article, you will discover why you should buy only organic cotton t-shirts.

Naturally cultivated cotton: T-shirts made from organic cotton are made of cotton that grows naturally. There is no genetic modification of the plant. The genes of the plant are not re-structured in any way, in the process of cultivating cotton. Due to this, there is no adverse effect on the environment. In the process, there is no use of fertilizers or pesticides. This saves the ecosystem and does not cause any harm to it. The biological cycle is not disturbed in the slightest of ways and the environment stays pure and intact.

Rules for the ‘Organic’ Label: For a T shirt to be termed as organic, there are stringent rules and regulations set by the governing bodies in various states, which you must follow. There are procedures to follow in the cultivation of cotton. To be allowed to sell, organic cotton t-shirts the various manufacturers have to follow rules regarding growing, handling of cotton, fertilizing and pest control measures.

Safe on the environment: The idea behind organic clothing is simple. Since companies follow the strictly to comply with the agricultural procedures, there are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. Due to this, expect zero residues and chemical wastes that might enter into the environment. The companies maintain ecological balance, and there is no harmful effect on animals and human beings. Hence, by purchasing organic T-shirts made of cotton, you are in a way contributing to the wellness of the environment. You will be doing your role in saving the planet. The industrial waste and development affect this widely.

Statistics: I must give you some data to understand why organic cotton must be the way of life. Cotton is cultivated on two point-five of the world’s land. Nevertheless, what is alarming is to note that the cultivation uses sixteen percent of the insecticides, made in the world. Therefore, you can see for yourself the huge amount of pesticides needed to make synthetic cotton fabric.

Due to increased awareness and understanding, cotton growers are making the shift to grow organic cotton. This will go a long way to make our planet uncontaminated and healthier. If they follow this seriously and widely, then our planet could become a safer and improved place to live in. Hence, it is good that you to do your part by contributing in your little way. How do you do this? Simply buy only organic cotton t-shirts next time you go for shopping. In addition, encourage others to do so.