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Would a Female Ever Wear a Tuxedo T Shirt?

Would a Female Ever Wear a Tuxedo T Shirt?

The makers of the tuxedo T shirt have created such shirts in sizes that fit women, as well as those that fit men. Why would a female ever want to wear such a shirt? A female teacher, one who teaches in an elementary school might find that it makes sense for her to purchase and wear a Gingerbread man tuxedo T shirt.

Whenever a teacher reads out loud in class, she finds it easier to capture the attention of her younger students if she uses a prop while she is sharing a book or story with the young people seated before her. Moreover, some experts on the development of comprehension and retention skills suggest a “lead up” to any oral recitation. In other words, they recommend offering some sort of “enticement” to students before asking them to listen to any sort of reading.

Now, if a teacher were to show up in class wearing a Gingerbread man tuxedo T shirt, that would certainly entice the students’ interest. Those students could be expected to pose lots of questions about their teacher’s unusual attire. As she went about answering those questions, the T shirt wearing teacher could give the suggested “lead up” to her planned reading of the story about the gingerbread man.

The students would not realize that they had welcomed and embraced an important teaching tactic. Rather, those students would probably view the entire procedure as a sort of game. Their teacher, however, could feel heartened by the fact that she had turned at least one learning experience into an extended period of fun.

That teacher would have less reason to worry about any future fun that her students might have with a Gingerbread tuxedo T shirt after they had entered their teen years. She could expect any grown student who donned that brown tee, with its image of a white linen shirt and its outline of jacket lapels, to remember the time when that shirt had been part of a reading lesson. That reminder might cause any teenager to have second thoughts about performing any foolish act, while wearing that brown tee shirt.

Maybe in the future stores that carry teaching supplies will add a new sort of package, one that contains both a children’s book about the gingerbread man and a prop for any teacher that planned to read that book to her students. In all likelihood, that prop would be a Gingerbread tuxedo T shirt.