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Month: July 2020

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4 Unique Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

If you and your future spouse love the outdoors, consider having your wedding in a venue that combines your love for nature and each other. Popular open-air choices include beaches, boats and the lush gardens of a luxury resort. If both of you are searching for a different type of location for your nuptials, check out these four unique outdoor wedding locations.

1. Ranch

The wide-open spaces of a ranch are a great setting for weddings and receptions Granbury TX. They accommodate large or small guest lists and have unique buildings to hold your reception in, like a red barn. Most have gazebos, gardens or ponds on the grounds so you can choose the perfect site for your wedding vows too.

2. Treehouse

These aren’t the treehouses of your childhood, but they will appeal to your inner child. These new types of wedding venues are super deluxe, surrounded by beautiful trees and include romantic settings like balconies and swinging bridges. Often, they offer cabin accommodations (on the ground) for your wedding guests. It’s a great idea if you’re planning a small, intimate event.

3. Rooftop

If you’re getting married in the city, you can still incorporate the outdoors in your ceremony. Many resorts or buildings have a rooftop with a view available for your ceremony or reception. Think how stunning an evening event would be with all those city lights in the background.

4. Zoo

A zoo is an excellent location for those who love animals and the outdoors. Most zoos have indoor pavilions or outdoor patios available for both formal and informal weddings. Plus, your flower girl and ring bearer will be as excited about the location as you are.

For a unique and memorable outdoor wedding, consider holding your ceremony at a ranch, treehouse, rooftop or zoo. Each location gives you the opportunity to celebrate your nuptials out in the open air you love.…

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Tips for Choosing Proper Concealed Carry Clothing

Although your concealment clothes for guns may vary, your dress should be appropriate for the setting and occasion. Concealed carry clothing has general characteristics and should be specific to your carry method. In addition, concealment-specific clothing, alternative clothing and off-body carrying methods may be explored.

General Characteristics

Your clothing should be comfortable and loose and provide easy access to your weapon. Oversized clothing may be easy to draw from, but this clothing should not have areas where the weapon will get caught. In addition, heavy, multicolored shirts with inconsistent patterns are more concealing. You may choose clothing that is one size larger than normal. Finally, starched shirts will not conform to and reveal your firearm.

Carry Method

Although long jackets and blazers may cover your waist holster, if they are closed, they may make it difficult to draw. However, if they are not closed, they may be blown open and reveal your weapon. Belts should be wide enough to prevent holster slipping and strong enough to hold your gun without moving or shifting.

In addition, choose pants that flare at the bottom if you carry on your ankle. Undergarments should also be worn between your body and holster to prevent chafing and discomfort. Loose shirts, even t-shirts, may hide an appropriately sized gun and holster.

Concealment-Specific Garments

Some garments, including undergarments and tactical clothing, are made to conceal your weapon. However, tactical attires may make it obvious that you are carrying.

Alternative Clothing

You may choose to hide your weapon behind vests or additional layers. Also, clothing with a lot of pockets, such as clothing worn for other hobbies, may effectively conceal your gun.

Off-Body Carry

Fanny packs, purses and briefcases may be carrying options if they have proper holsters. However, because fanny packs are not common, the public may assume you are concealing a firearm.

Your concealed weapon clothing should have general characteristics. However, choose specific clothing based on your carrying method. You may choose concealment-specific garments, outfits for other hobbies and even off-body carry accessories.…

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3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception One to Remember

Your wedding day should be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. It is a day that people dream of for years before it happens, so it is important to make the most of it. The wedding reception often involves more planning than the actual ceremony itself, and it is where the bride and groom get to spend the most time with the guests. If you are looking for ways to make your wedding reception the best it can be, consider these three easy tips.

1. Play Great Music

What is a wedding reception without great music? Once you hire DJ for event Ormond Beach Florida, you can discuss with him or her what type of music you want to be played. You can choose some crowd-pleasers mixed in with some soft, slow music great for dancing.

2. Personally Greet Each Guest

Your guests are there to see you and congratulate you, so make sure that you take some time with each person if you can. While you may not be able to carry on a full conversation with every person in the room, you can at least make an effort to thank everyone for coming.

3. Take Plenty of Photos

Wedding photos are one of the only momentos that you get to keep from your big day, so make sure that you have plenty of great ones. While you will likely hire a professional photographer, you can also have friends and family take candid shots. Sometimes, these are the most fun to look back on, and you will be able to see your day from every angle.

Planning the wedding reception of your dreams takes a lot of effort but it can be easier when you consider these tips. Decide what your vision is for your big day and start planning!…

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3 Things You Should Know About Buying Wedding Rings

Now that you’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life, one of the essential items on your pre-wedding checklist is finding your wedding bands. These rings are not only symbolic, but also need to be sturdy enough for years of wear. Whether you’re shopping for wedding rings for women Williamsburg VA or are considering ordering online, there are a few things you should know as you look for the special piece of jewelry you’ll wear forever.

1. Consider Long-Term Maintenance

While it might be tempting to choose a trendy but somewhat impractical ring, consider your daily activities and what you expect might change in the coming years. For instance, if you’re very physically active, choosing a tougher metal might be better than a softer one with fragile stones. Also, keep in mind the type of cleaning upkeep your ring will require.

2. Get It Sized Right

Before you commit to a specific band, it’s crucial that your jeweler size it for the finger you’ll be wearing it on. Keep in mind that if you’ll be wearing it all the time, you should account for potential physical changes. For instance, your fingers will contract in the winter when it’s cold but expand in hot weather; similarly, weight gain, pregnancy, water retention and more could all impact the size of your finger and the fit of the ring.

3. Consider Style Matching

You and your partner don’t have to have matching rings, but it’s a good idea to talk about your expectations for style before heading out to the jewelry shops. You could match in material but not in design, for instance, or match the bands to the engagement ring.

Shopping for your wedding bands is one of the most important and exciting parts of an engagement. With these top tips in mind, you can feel confident you’ll pick out a beautiful ring that will wear well for years to come!…