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Tips for Choosing Proper Concealed Carry Clothing

Although your concealment clothes for guns may vary, your dress should be appropriate for the setting and occasion. Concealed carry clothing has general characteristics and should be specific to your carry method. In addition, concealment-specific clothing, alternative clothing and off-body carrying methods may be explored.

General Characteristics

Your clothing should be comfortable and loose and provide easy access to your weapon. Oversized clothing may be easy to draw from, but this clothing should not have areas where the weapon will get caught. In addition, heavy, multicolored shirts with inconsistent patterns are more concealing. You may choose clothing that is one size larger than normal. Finally, starched shirts will not conform to and reveal your firearm.

Carry Method

Although long jackets and blazers may cover your waist holster, if they are closed, they may make it difficult to draw. However, if they are not closed, they may be blown open and reveal your weapon. Belts should be wide enough to prevent holster slipping and strong enough to hold your gun without moving or shifting.

In addition, choose pants that flare at the bottom if you carry on your ankle. Undergarments should also be worn between your body and holster to prevent chafing and discomfort. Loose shirts, even t-shirts, may hide an appropriately sized gun and holster.

Concealment-Specific Garments

Some garments, including undergarments and tactical clothing, are made to conceal your weapon. However, tactical attires may make it obvious that you are carrying.

Alternative Clothing

You may choose to hide your weapon behind vests or additional layers. Also, clothing with a lot of pockets, such as clothing worn for other hobbies, may effectively conceal your gun.

Off-Body Carry

Fanny packs, purses and briefcases may be carrying options if they have proper holsters. However, because fanny packs are not common, the public may assume you are concealing a firearm.

Your concealed weapon clothing should have general characteristics. However, choose specific clothing based on your carrying method. You may choose concealment-specific garments, outfits for other hobbies and even off-body carry accessories.