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4 Steps to Create a Memorable Sweet Sixteen Party

Turning sixteen is a big step towards adulthood for most girls. If you want the perfect sweet sixteen party for your daughter, there are several things you need to do to ensure it lands rather than flops.

Make a List

Even if you’re planning a surprise event, ask your daughter who she would want present. Don’t do a blanket invite of classmates, or just guess who friends are, as this might lead to drama rather than fun. Having a set guest list help determine what size venue you need, as well as how much food you should have available.

Get Some Help

If you’re the sort that enjoys touring venues and picking out a cake flavor, planning a party might seem like heaven. If you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to do so, it can be less than pleasurable. You might want to get in touch with party events coordinators to guide you through the process.

Plan (Far) Ahead

The sooner you start planning the party, the easier it will be to get everything to fall into place on the big day. Set a budget and plan your expenses. You may also want to reserve a venue or contact a party coordinator up to a year before the planned date to ensure availability.

Don’t just think of your own plans, but other people’s. Since this birthday is so special, you should send out save the date cards anywhere from six months to a year in advance, and invitations around three weeks beforehand.

Tailor Your Theme

Your daughter’s party isn’t just a fun day to be had, it can create cherished memories that will last forever. It doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect, just special. What makes it special is the care and attention put into everything, from the music to cake flavor. Let their tastes and interests guide you.

With a little careful planning, you’re sure to have a big success.