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Should You Pay More For a Designer Item?

Should You Pay More For a Designer Item?

There’s that spanking new jeans that seems to be calling your name through the display window and it’s just so gorgeous, all you can think about it how much you want it. You go in to casually check the price, knowing that a store like that carries clothes priced in triple figures, but just to try your luck, you flip over that price tag and…disappointment. That’s your three month’s allowance!

Well, designer items are indeed quite pricey. You may think that all it’s got is just a label slapped on the back but what you’re paying for is lasting quality and you would also be supporting authenticity. But then again, unless you’ve got a stable job and extra money coming in, don’t go insane and spend all you’ve got on a bag, top or just a pair of jeans.

You can find those jeans you long for at bargain stores, factory outlets stores and department stores with a huge difference in price. The only other difference is that it won’t have that label you love so much and as for quality, well, you would get tired of wearing the same jeans for the next five years, won’t you? This way, you get to occasionally spice up your wardrobe and invest in new clothes once in awhile without feeling guilty and you get to save in comparison to buying designer items.

However, you can actually make your clothes that come from bargain hunts last a long time if you take care of them properly. Instead of tossing them into the washing machine, spend some time washing them by hand. That way they don’t stretch out as easily and will last longer. As for coloured clothes, if you’re afraid they’re going to fade, soak them in a bucket of salt water right after you buy them and then give them a proper wash. The salt content will keep the colour from fading.

So there you have it, you don’t have to shop at top stores to get good clothes. Until you can afford it and buy clothes without suffering through the month, look out for great bargain deals and sales instead.