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Giving Gifts That Can’t Miss

There’s a celebration coming up. It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re reading this; odds are you’re probably not more than a month or two away from an anniversary or a birthday or even Christmas. You’re going to have to bring a gift, and you want that gift to be special and memorable. But how? The trick for a present that’s going to have an impact is for it to have meaning.


Gifts of jewelry shouldn’t just be beautiful or expensive, they should have meaning. Perhaps it’s a Black Hills silver anklet to remind her of that time you went to South Dakota, or a pair of pierogi shaped earrings because making pierogis was always an important part of holidays at your grandmother’s house. Whatever choice you make, it should have some kind of meaning for them and for you.


Flowers are a classic option and never a bad one. You can order them online or commission them special. Not that there’s anything wrong with a dozen red roses, but there are so many other options. What’s the recipient’s favorite flower? If you don’t know exactly, you can always pick one that reminds you of them. The language of flowers can invest your bouquet with a special something, too. Think creatively and be sure to think of the recipient’s taste first.

Charitable Donation

Sometimes you’re not sure that a physical gift will be welcome. For the friend who has everything, you can always try making a donation in their name. Donating money to a good cause is a thoughtful and unexpected way to give something, not only to your friend, but to your community. Whatever gift you choose, the key to making it special is making sure it’s personal, either to them or to you or, ideally, to both of you.