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Go Ahead Girls, Spoil Yourself

Go Ahead Girls, Spoil Yourself

There are some things in life that a girl should be frugal about; wine, accessories, and airline tickets, just to name a few. There are also a few things that a girl should splurge on. These include shoes, electronics, and, of course, designer clothes.

Though buying designer clothes can be a bit painful to your otherwise budget-conscious self, it actually pays off in the long run. Sure, it sucks to shell out $300+ for a dress or $150+ for a great blouse, but think about this way: How many times have you encountered a “steal” – a super cute item for around $25 – only to wear it once, put it through the wash, and have it be virtually un-wearable in a matter of days?

A better choice for building a solid, classy wardrobe full of clothes that will make all your friends jealous is to buy designer clothes one piece at a time. Even if you can only afford a new designer dress once every three months, you’ll know that your money was well spent when you’re still wearing that dress – and in near perfect condition, might I add – in a year from the date of purchase. A great designer to start shopping from is Trina Turk, as her collection is known for its high quality.

Even when your instincts are urging you to be economical, it’s also important to consider your overall image. When you dress nice, it shows, and, whether we want to admit this or not, it effects how people view you and talk to you. When you dress in beautiful, carefully-crafted designer clothes, you are signaling to the world that you demand to be taken seriously. Not to mention that you’ll feel great, too.