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Home Decor That Helps You Organize

Home Decor That Helps You Organize

Is your home disorderly because you can’t seem to get a handle on giving everything a place? You’re not alone. It’s very common to try to organize, but end up with some things that simply have nowhere to go. It’s a common complaint that we hear a lot. So, we’ve gathered as many tips as possible to give you this list of helpful hints. Using them will help you find places to store things, even if you are limited on budget or space. Don’t worry, we’ve weeded out all of the unsightly plastic bin suggestions that you may be seeing everywhere else. We know that you want to decorate your home with stylish options if you are going to organize.

1) One thing that we think is important about getting things in order is to keep them hidden unless you use them several times a day. For example, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a carafe or other attractive container on your kitchen counter to hold utensils that you use a lot. In fact, this is a great way to free up some counter space. It’s fine to have a charging station or shelf for your keys, wallet, loose change, or cell phone. However, it can look tacky and disorderly to have an open bin for mail to be stacked in. Things that look disorganized, even when organized, should be concealed in some way. If you’re surrounded by things that you can see, you won’t really feel like they are put away.

2) We love decorative wooden boxes, trunks and bins. These pieces of home d?�cor can look very attractive as decorations while doubling as storage for mail that needs to be gone through; gloves, hats and mittens; or your knitting supplies. They can be stashed under end tables or give dimension to an empty space in the room. These types of attractive decorations can be purchased at craft, home d?�cor, or even thrift shops at affordable prices. These containers are great for giving odds and ends an attractive home and can be used anywhere from the closet to the bathroom.

3) Speaking of the closet, there are lots of ways to make space in your closet. Rearranging the shelves, adding a hanging bar, and utilizing unused space can give you that extra room that you need to store things out of sight. We recommend looking in the front corners of the closet, near the ceiling, and on the back of the closet door for ideas. Using hangers that save space can help you to make room for extra shelving, bins, or containers. You can use attractive, high quality clothes hangers, like wood hangers, to keep the closet looking nice while you use it for storage.