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Parachute Regiment Clothing

Parachute Regiment Clothing

Parachute regiment is a group of men and women who are highly trained and operate as a military unit to perform duties on behalf of their country. These units often have a long history and have earned the right to wear and display their own widely accepted regimental uniforms and accessories. Standards and dress codes are strictly adhered to when representing their country and are often seen by members as a mark of respect and common purpose.

There are many suppliers in the market of providing regimental clothing and accessories. Some are approved suppliers and provide the genuine articles and other suppliers can only provide copies. Those individual currently a member of any of the services will purchase their uniforms and accessories from an approved supplier to ensure they have the genuine articles.

However, even some enthusiastic collectors and museums will insist on purchasing only authentic articles for their collections and displays. There is a fairly buoyant market for the articles of units that have been disbanded, or only existed for a specified time to deal with a specific situation. Such as many of the items from World Wars 1 and 2.

Other collectors may find it is much easier to obtain replicas at much less cost. The main differences being that the type of materials and insignia used in the genuine articles will not be used. The appearance is often very close to that of an original and only an expert can tell the difference in some cases.

The quality control measures used by approved suppliers, ensures that their products meet the high standards specified within the regimental dress codes. One of the most difficult things to produce can be the regimental badge or insignia which was originally hand embroidered. A supplier who has moved toward in-house production has invested heavily in new types of machinery and processes to maintain quality, while increasing production.

In-house production of badges and insignia allows for stricter quality control measure to be built into the process. Errors in production can be spotted and dealt with quickly. A wider range of regimental badges and insignia can be turned around quickly, with less chance of human error at the design plate stage. Embroidery machines are programmed to provide a much neater appearance than some of the older hand stitched models.

It is not just the badges and insignia that are required by the operational regiments. The supply of all pieces of their standard uniform and general kits are supplied by an approved supplier to the regiment or the individual. Any changes to kit or any of its contents will be the responsibility of the regiment to ensure the approved supplier initiates the changes.

Individuals wishing to replace a piece of their uniform have to provide the supplier with the regimental details and specify the piece they want to purchase and the size they require. Orders can usually be placed online to an approved supplier and delivery timescales noted. Each individual is responsible for maintaining the appearance of their own uniform and kit and will have to seek replacement for any damaged or lost items. Parachute regiment Clothing.