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How to Choose the Best The Walking Dead T-Shirts

How to Choose the Best “The Walking Dead” T-Shirts

The Walking Dead as we all know is the biggest thing happening on TV this season. Fans from all corners of the globe have been waiting for just the third season of this smashing hit show about surviving in a world ruled by gruesome-looking zombies or walkers as they call it. What better way of showing support for the show than wearing Walking Dead shirts, right? This statement must be absolutely right. Anywhere I go these days, I get to see people wearing shirts inspired by this show. Browse the web and you will find numerous wonderfully designed shirts. But what is it that separates good ones from the great? With a bit of research and comparing, it’s not actually that hard to choose great The Walking Dead Shirts. Here are the points you have to consider in doing so:

Fabric Quality

This is the single most important detail that you will have to look at when buying shirts online. Unlike when you are buying from department stores, you would not be able to check as thoroughly the fabric used on clothing products sold online. The best clue that tells the quality of materials used is when the seller allows you to have a much closer inspection of the product. They would normally post high-resolution pictures of the product. If the seller does not have these photos available on their website, you should think twice. Sellers of high quality products are proud of what they offer and they would do everything to let their customers know that. Going around wearing a shirt made from low quality materials is just not cool. Remember, you just want to show your friends you are a The Walking Dead fan. You don’t want them to think you’re one of the gruesome-looking walkers wearing torn clothing.


Stay away from ultra-cheap shirts. Sellers of low quality products usually mask the issue on quality by selling at dirt cheap prices. Do not fall for that. A great quality shirt should command better price. It is how the market works, especially on the clothing industry where competition can be so tough. Start your search from Walking Dead Shirts with an average price tag.

Design and Print Quality

More than half of The Walking Dead shirts sold in the market today are design-intensive. Take note that great print designs do not always translate to excellent print quality. In some cases, a seller would use cheap shirts just so he would have enough to cover the printing cost. This happens when high-resolution printing is necessary. If you think that the design is too intricate yet the price is a bit low, you may be looking at a bad deal. A good way of protecting yourself at this point is by looking at the real and valid feedback from the seller’s previous customers. If the feedbacks are all positive, think again. This might just be another ploy. Even the best of products have some unsatisfied customers.