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What to Consider While Buying Dress Shirts

What to Consider While Buying Dress Shirts

While selecting a dress shirt, you must have a very good idea of how your body looks. One only tends to wear dress shirts for formal occasions or times when they have to look their best. Having an ill fitting or bad looking dress shirt may just work against your favor. It is always the first impression that counts and hence you must always dress well and look smart. Always dress according to your age and according to the occasion. Do not try to wear something that does not suit you.

The first thing, as mentioned before is for you to know your body. If you have the perfect body that is lean and muscular then the odds are that you will look good in most of what you wear. However if that is not your case and you do have a little bit of excess weight from the holidays, then you will have to shop smartly.

Do not choose horizontal lines. Horizontal lines give the person a fuller appearance. If you have a little extra weight on you, stay away from horizontal lines. Vertical lines have a slimming effect on people. Vertical lines shirts are excellent choices to make for people of all sizes. Alternatively you can also select plain or solid colored shirts. Having a good quality white dress shirt is of absolute importance. Every man should have one of those.

Next thing to look at are the buttons that are stitched onto the shirt. See that enough space is left between two consecutives button holes. The spaces should also be equal and not haphazardly placed. You will mostly tuck in the shirt you purchase. The smartest way to dress is to have only three buttons showing. Select the shirt wisely.

You can select the sleeve on the preference of choice. However longs sleeved shirts tend to exude more class and style than shorter sleeves. However it all comes down to how you manage to carry your clothes and yourself. If you are able to carry short sleeves well and id you are comfortable wearing short sleeved, you can select them as well.

Make sure the collar is well made and it does not make you too uncomfortable when you wear the shirt. Keep the shirts simple if you intend to wear them to work and if they are meant for parties and other social gatherings, you can experiment with slightly more fancy ones.