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How You Can Make A Fortune From Your Baby’s Old Clothes

How You Can Make A Fortune From Your Baby’s Old Clothes

If you’re a parent, you’ll be more than aware that as everyone wants to wish you and your new baby the best of luck when they’re born, you’re given present after present.

And for the most part, these presents are baby clothes.

Great and particularly handy at first, most parents would agree that their baby’s don’t use half of the clothes that they received as presents- not for the fact that they weren’t cute and adorable, but because as baby’s grow so quick, they simply had too many clothes for them to wear and so some didn’t get used.

For a lot of parents, these clothes will be packaged up and put in the attic for use at a later date, whether that’s for another baby or for throwing out.

However, if you’re currently in this position, before you head up in the attic with your boxes upon boxes of clothes, stop and think at just much money is in the boxes.

If you had 20 vests at two pounds each, 10 sets of t-shirts and trousers at five pounds each and then a selection of 30 pairs of shoes, jumpers and other assorted items at seven pounds each, that’s a total of 300 pounds.

OK, so it might not be in cash at the moment – but that’s not to say it can’t be and by utilizing the following three options, you could turn those clothes into a somewhat substantial amount of money.

Use auction websites – an ever popular way to sell goods that you no longer need online, auction websites work in almost exactly the same way as offline auctions, with you putting your goods for sale and having people bid on them.

Quick and easy, you don’t have to move from the comfort of your own home and as you’ll be putting your baby goods in front of an audience of millions, there’s a good chance you’ll sell absolutely everything.

Setup a stall – chances are, if you’ve ever been to a craft stall or even to a large supermarket, you’ll have seen small stalls setup selling baby goods.

Whilst some of these stalls are professional companies, a lot are simply people selling goods that they have no use for – just like you.

Likely to cost you a few pounds for the stall, if you have a lot of goods to sell, it could be a great way to do so as you’ll have hundreds of people walking past you throughout the day.

Offer to friends – a great way to make money on any baby items that you haven’t used is to have all of your friends and family come to your house and get everything out that you want to sell.

Have everyone bring a bottle of wine, put on some food and then sell to your friends and family your baby’s clothes that you won’t use now but which they might – and have a great night at the same time.

You might not think that anyone would want any baby goods that you didn’t use or you might be sentimental and want to keep them all, but with a massive market waiting to buy good quality baby goods, you could make yourself a small fortune if you put them up for sale.