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Make A Fashion Statement This Festive Season With Exclusive Shirts!

Make A Fashion Statement This Festive Season With Exclusive Shirts!

Festive season is still all around and it’s time to pursue your dream clothing. Women can select from a range of evening gowns, dresses or skirts of different lengths and fabrics, whereas men prefer wearing shirts over jeans or trousers. However, guys need not stick to the conventional options, as they can take their pick from numerous brands that create shirts in exclusive styles and various colours for the holiday season. They include:

1. Choose from an Extensive Range of Shirts by Dolce&Gabbana:

Whether you are celebrating Christmas at work or with your family and friends, you can buy shirts of the right kind from the huge collection created by this premium brand. Look dapper at an office Xmas party in a D&G pink and white striped shirt teamed with black or grey trousers.

Guys who like wearing jackets will undoubtedly love combining them with a Dolce&Gabbana plaid cotton shirt, together with denims and a trendy belt. D&G also has a classy range of black shirts, which have a regular comfort fit or a slim fit ideal to be worn for a Xmas party with your buddies.

Two-tone shirts by D&G are an interesting creation. These full-sleeved shirts are available in 2 colour combinations, namely white and black, dark grey and white, etc. Such colour block shirts look unconventional and absolutely fashionable.

2. Fancy Shirts by Cavalli:

The month of December also brings in the excitement of celebrating New Year. Shirts designed by Italian stylist Roberto Cavalli are perfect to liven up the night. A dark wash denim shirt made of cotton has unusual floral embroidery on the front. This full-sleeved shirt has a stylish Italian collar and front closure.

Another Roberto Cavalli creation to wear at a new year’s party is a royal blue long-sleeves shirt with an all over leopard print.

3. Pair a Valentino, CNC or a Versace Shirt with Your Tuxedo:

Many guys opt for a formal suit for a Christmas party or a New Year bash. Apart from an impeccably tailored suit, it is equally important to wear a well-fitted shirt underneath. Italian fashion house Valentino is famous for their perfectly crafted shirts. Men can opt for colours such as light blue, black, white, purple etc. to team with their tuxedos. Striped or plaid shirts from this brand are also a great option.

Males who want to steer clear from the standard black or white would love the green shirt by eminent designer label Versace. Team this mint green shirt with a grey tuxedo. You could also wear an olive green shirt by Costume National with a black suit. Just in case you wish to remove the blazer at the party, this cotton shirt has attractive pearl stitching, denoting the logo at the back, which looks fantastic by itself.

Although these premium brands of shirts are available at their exclusive retail outlets and other boutiques, one can obtain any such shirt for less by shopping for them online. These web-sites offer an array of designer brands and their latest collections, enabling you to view them with just a mouse click. Browse through them and decide on your favourite in order to add lots of colour and joy to the festive season.