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Mad Men and Me

Mad Men and Me

I was a baby boomer and growing up in the Midwest, involved wearing a lot of girdles, garter belts and panty hose. Mad Men anyone? I have to hand it to AMC for doing a really great job stylistically speaking, but imagine dressing like those career girls every day? Imagine sitting at your desk typing on your typewriter day in day out wearing a girdle, tight skirt and high heels. To top it off you also have your hair in a beehive hairdo making it quite hard to swivel your head fast. Now dressing up like Joanie on Halloween may be fun for a night on the town, but doing it day after day can get pretty tiresome. Plus you have to give yourself a minimum of 2 hours to prepare and 6 am wake calls are not fun, let me tell you.

But back then we didn’t have much of a choice. It was the socially acceptable thing to do too. I have to admit though it wasn’t all bad. It made for some really great pics, plus I do have some really great pieces from the time period which my daughter has decided to appropriate. One for example, is a pair of oversized sunglasses that she brags about to her friends “they’re vintage, ya know.” And suddenly I’ve become a cool mom.

Maybe it’s some kind of backlash to the time period, but nowadays, I like hanging around the house in the softest most comfortable and yet girly t shirts I can find. When people come over to my house, they remark on my huge array of unique t-shirts I have hanging up in my closet. Yes, that’s right, who said you can’t hang your t-shirts up? I like to put them on display and I have Women’s Lib’s efforts to thank for that.