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Getting Ready For Your Newborn Baby

Getting Ready For Your Newborn Baby

If you’re having a baby, there’s little doubt you’ll have you head buried in baby books and be offered advice at every turn. However, it’s still quite easy to forget one or two little essentials that you’ll need once your new bundle of joy arrives. With that in mind, here is a checklist of 10 things you may find helpful.

1. Nappies – You’ll need nappies, but don’t buy too many before your baby is born. If they’re larger than the average newborn baby, you may require larger nappies for them.

2. Cotton wool balls – Babywipes are not recommended for the first few weeks because your baby’s skin could still be too sensitive for them, whereas cotton balls won’t irritate them.

3. Organic skincare products – there are many chemicals in skincare products and soap that your baby’s skin may be irritated by, so it’s best to stick to an organic product.

4. Babygrows – great for sleeping and during the day. They’re comfortable (or at least they look like they are) and your baby will be cost and warm.

5. Vests – if you’re worried about your baby becoming too hot or too cold, a few vest can be worth buying. If the temperature is warm, your baby can wear a vest instead of a top; while in cold conditions, a vest under their clothes will keep them warm.

6. Baby clothes – if you’re taking your baby out, maybe to see friends or relatives, then it’s nice to have a few outfits for them to wear. You may get lots of baby clothes bought for you before and after the birth, so you should be okay on this front.

7. Blankets – babies love blankets, so have a few for them to use – especially as it means they’ll be happy while one’s in the wash. As well as offering comfort, they’ll also keep your baby nice and warm.

8. Towels – while your baby is building up their immune system, you need to be careful not to pass anything on to them, so it can be a good idea to buy them their own towel. It’ll also be of a more appropriate size, so they’re not too hot.

9. Baby changing bags – some changing bags are free or included when you buy a pram. If not, there are a broad mix of sizes and colours for you to choose from.

10. Breast pumps – these can make feeding your baby a lot easier, especially if you’re a little sore, your partner wants to feed the baby or you’re going out for the day.

Have you got everything you need? If you don’t have baby changing bags, gifts for new baby, organic baby clothes or any of the other items on the list, now is the time to get them in.