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So You Want a Pink Polo Shirt?

So You Want a Pink Polo Shirt?

This is a question a lot of men consider when they are looking at whether or not to buy themselves a pink polo shirt. The fact is that quite a bit of stigma has been attached to this color of shirt, whether it is a polo one or otherwise, but you don’t need to worry. Pink shirts of any kind are perfectly acceptable items for business, formal and casual situations and you shouldn’t really care what other people think anyway.

The main things to consider when looking at getting a pink polo shirt are the shade of pink and the fit. Firstly you want to look at the kind of pink that you want to get. You could opt for a light, and more discreet pink or you could go for a deeper hot pink. Again, this is really up to the kind of look you want, but you may also want to consider your skin tone and any other items that you want to pair with the shirt that necessitate a particular shade of pink.

After you have decided which shade to go for, you really want to look at what kind of fit. All shirts, not just polo shirts, come in different styles. If you are slim and muscular you might want to opt for what is called a slim fit, which hugs your figure and can look really great with the right trousers. If you want to hide a bit of a gut, then you might want to go for a larger fit. Try on a few different ones and find something that is comfortable and that you like the look of.