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Stylish Plus Size Clothing – Is it Even Possible?

Stylish Plus Size Clothing – Is it Even Possible?

There is good news for us ‘full-figured ladies’ who dread shopping for clothing that just doesn’t quite fit us, or that fits but looks like we are either wearing a sleeping bag or the tent we used on vacation.

Designers have finally realised there is a huge market (no pun intended) out there for dresses beyond size twelve. Whether it’s office attire or evening attire we are looking for, they can now be found at most of the more popular shops, boutiques, and discount stores.

Another route to take is on the internet. There are many online stores with lots of variety and selection to offer the full figured woman, at very reasonable prices.

In fact, the ability to shop online has been a huge benefit to those smaller shops that otherwise may not be able to draw the customer base they need to keep in business.

Size charts can help you select the correct size when shopping online as you cannot simply go to the changing room and try on your selections. Many of these shops do help by covering cost if you do need to return an item, so check with them. And you must measure yourself, honestly and thoroughly, in order to determine the correct size.

Purchasing larger clothing, whether in a local shop or online, has become big business for many designers and manufacturers alike, enabling them to turn out better clothing in more stylish designs at prices most anyone can afford.

Whether you are shopping for stylish jeans, sophistication in an evening gown, or a dignified business pant suit to wow your boss, clothing designed to fit you can now be found. Look in the phone book under ‘plus sized clothing’, ask at your favourite shop, or shop online. Ask for their plus sizes and let them know you are a shopper who wants to buy but at prices you can afford. Especially in the uncertain economic time we are in now, they may well offer you better prices than on the tags just to move their merchandise.

Plus sizes used to mean size fourteen up to size eighteen, but that has been expanded to well beyond size twenty-four in many places, as designers realise there is a definite need. Plus, many are ready to purchase the larger sizes, especially when they are designed with style in mind. Moo Moos and sack dresses used to be all that was available for over-sized women. Today they design belt lines and bodices that appear flattering and feel comfortable at the same time.

Many of the retail stores at your local shopping mall are well aware of the competition they face from online stores. They will need to compete by lowering their prices and enlarging their range in stylish affordable dresses, pant suits, blouses, jackets, and all the rest. Shoes are not the only item that many women need larger sizes in.

Try using a search engine and typing in ‘plus size clothing for women’ and you will find approximately 345 million results. This tells you that the demand is out there – and so is the solution. Women can dress in style whenever they want.