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TapouT Apparel Carries on the Charles Mask Lewis Legacy With Quality Clothing

TapouT Apparel Carries on the Charles “Mask” Lewis Legacy With Quality Clothing

TapouT apparel is a high profile clothing line created by the late Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr., who died in a car crash last year. Despite the tragic circumstances of his death, Lewis’ company continues to be a major force on the MMA circuit, providing a complete line of clothing and accessories, including TapouT T shirts, for a select group of fighters and fans. The brand name is synonymous with high quality products, and the company now produces everything from board shorts to shoes to

The respect that the “Mask” earned in the UFC and MMA communities is evidenced by the fact that he was posthumously inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, the only non-fighter ever to be given the honor. His legacy as a proven leader carries over into the company he helped make famous, and each TapouT shirt or piece of equipment is designed with the same dedication and spirit he often showed since starting the business in 1997.

TapouT apparel’s clothing line extends to women’s fashions as well as men’s, since the ladies who support their favorite fighters are an important part of the company’s youthful image and fashion sense. They even make some sexy bikinis and casual dresses for the ladies to wear on the beach or around the ring where all the action takes place. They also carry flannels, tube tops, shorts, and of course, TapouT shirts for ladies, becoming one of the most complete vendors for MMA clothing that includes both sexes and all sizes.

One good example is the Long Sleeve Punk Burnout, a sheer TapouT T shirt with the familiar logo splashed across the chest. Another is the matched fashion sets like the Queen French Terry Hoody and Believe French Terry Pants, both in white. These are the types of clothing that look good and make the girls feel good, accentuating all the right curves in the process.

Getting back to the “main event,” TapouT T shirts that is, check out the TapouT Jake Shields Signature Tee, a beautifully designed shirt that features TapouT’s popular company slogan, “an expression of combat known worldwide,” which pretty much sums up the company’s worldwide influence as a major MMA brand. The bold silver foil design includes an eagle with wings spread wide above the TapouT logo emblazoned on a shield.

Even children aren’t left out by the all-inclusive line of TapouT apparel. The company makes specific models in youth sizes, like the Youth Savage Intentions Tee and the attractive Youth Chainlink Zip Up Hoodie. The detail of the Hoodie is particularly interesting, covering the entire garment in a chain link fence them with embroidered details around the logo. The company also markets TapouT shirts, rash guards, hats, belts, and sweatshirts for the younger generation of MMA fans around the world.

No matter who you are or where you’re going, there’s a number of clothing choices that suit your needs as a dedicated fan of the TapouT brand. You can expect the same level of quality construction that goes into their line of MMA training gear and accessories to appear in the wide variety of apparel TapouT offers, making them one of the most popular brands in the industry