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Honoring Island Style

Beautiful Tahiti is the largest island in the French Polynesia Island chain. It is known for its clear blue waters, extinct volcanoes, black sand beaches, lagoons and waterfalls. Tahiti is an off-the-beaten-path tourist destination, but it can also be the inspiration for beauty at home.


The glorious flora of French Polynesia inspires extraordinary floral scents from candles such as Tahitian Nights with an initial lavender aroma that is anchored in seafoam and driftwood. Tiare Tahiti New Orleans LA which literally translates to flower of Tahiti is a perfume that drenches your senses in notes of coconut and tropical ylang-ylang. Smell is the strongest sense most linked to memory, so to invoke the memory or dream of Tahiti, light a candle or spray on some sultry perfume.


Tahitian colors start with the colors of nature. Think of flowers, fruits, lagoons, beaches and sunset. A tropical color palette is sure to elevate your mood in the same way a tropical vacation would. A wall of turquoise, a throw pillow of tangerine or a sofa blanket in canary yellow are enough to turn your living room or bedroom into a place of retreat. Summer clothing uses these same colors for exuberant fashion trends. At home or out and about, you can have a little bit of Tahiti style with you.


Tahiti fashion incorporates natural elements whenever possible. Purses and sandals woven out of natural fibers are a great way to translate the grass skirt into something wearable in the city. Tahitian fashion designer Manuarii Teauroa includes elements such as locally sourced pearls from the blacklip oyster. These amazing iridescent jewels of the sea come in some amazing colors such as black, gray, peacock and gold orange. They add island style to any outfit.

However you choose to honor Tahiti and island life you can’t go wrong. Spray it on your wrists, encircle it around your neck or relax in its midst. If you can’t visit this paradise on earth in person, explore its riches through scent, color and style.