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The Slam-Dunkin’ Baby Wears Infant Jordan Shoes

The Slam-Dunkin’ Baby Wears Infant Jordan Shoes

Your little baby just took its first steps. You’ve been waiting for this day for longer than you care to remember. It’s another milestone reached, another stage in crucial early development. First came the novelty of teeth, then came the stage of improving baby’s motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. For a while, the focus was on baby sitting up. Out of nowhere, one day, your little star goes and takes a quantum leap to walking solo.

After you coo and aw and snap, snap, snap the button on your digital camera, you start to wonder: what about shoes? You’re sure your baby has a knack for reaching heights. Just the other day, you saw the miniature version of yourself reach onto their tiptoes to slam-dunk the kitchen counter.

“This kid’s got potential,” you likely told yourself.

A sobering responsibility soon weighs heavy on your shoulders: you are the person who needs to make sure the little person in your life reaches their full potential. No one else in the world is going to do it for them. If your baby is throwing out Michael Jordan moves at just over a year, what will they be doing in a few more? Your thoughts move on full throttle.

What to do? You go online and search the internet for suitable footwear. You see teddy bears and cute dogs and cartoon characters emblazoned across little people’s shoes everywhere. “No,” you say to yourself, “My kid’s got something special. My kid’s gonna want some extra wind in his sails.”

You see infant Jordan shoes. Aha. The image of the magic man himself reaching for the starts reminds you of your baby. Maybe, some day, people will stitch images of your baby reaching for the stars. And maybe not. But why not dream?

No old shoe is going to do for the superstar in your life. You want to make sure your kid gets the best out there. You check out features in the Air Jordan range: superior cushioning and traction, full grain leather uppers with foam for a secure, comfortable fit, airsole unit for lightweight cushioning, phylone midsole, rubber outsole with paw-shaped pattern for durability. Sounds about right, you think.

Slam-dunkin’ baby deserves nothing less than Air Jordan.