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The World of Eco Fabrics

The World of Eco Fabrics

Fashion is one area where people are reluctant to sacrifice style and comfort and many of us that try and think of the environment when we shop often neglect it when it comes to clothes shopping.

And when you consider the hemp clothes and recycled materials that eco clothes have traditionally been made from, it is of no surprise, we all want to look our best and feel as comfortable as we can.

However, over recent years there have been some great new eco friendly fabrics and materials that have been turned into clothes, towels and linen which are not only every bit as stylish and comfortable as regularly materials but they are also sustainable and their use does not damage the environment.

Organic Cotton

Many of us now eat organic food because of concerns about the environment or our health. But the chemicals used to prevent pests and encourage crop growth are also used when growing clothing crops like cotton.

Herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals are regularly sprayed on cotton plantations to maximise yield but these chemicals seep back into the eco system and could cause environmental damage for years to come.

However, organic cotton is now becoming increasingly common and is used to make all the same sorts of garments as regular cotton, from organic cotton T-shirts to even organic baby clothes.


A fascinating material bamboo is not only one of the most sustainable materials used in garment making it is also one of the most functional. Bamboo is a grass and grows rapidly taking just a few weeks to replenish a whole field once it has been harvested.

But bamboo is also an excellent material for clothing. It is thermal sensitive, allowing the skin to breath and will keep you cool in the summer whilst still keeping you warm in the winter. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is ideal for active wear.

Natural fibres

If it’s natural, it’s probably eco and there are no better eco fabrics that natural fibres like wool. A pure wool duvet is one of those little comforts that make bed time so pleasurable and as wool continues to grow on a sheep’s back once it has been sheared it is also highly sustainable.