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What kind of colors should I wear?

Do you hesitate about the kind of colors you wear? Or are you just wondering about the colors you could wear but never have worn? The most important thing about wearing colors is that you feel comfortable in them. You can also select some colors based on your skin tone and match with other pieces of clothing. Read more about what kind of colors are the best fit for you.


As you may know, it is very important to feel comfortable in your clothing. This is not only about size, fabric and style, but also about the colors you wear. Maybe you feel more comfortable in black because you think it makes you look skinnier. But there are lots of clothing items that may have different colors that you might like. Even if you haven’t tried them before because you didn’t think you would look good in them it’s a good idea to try. Maybe you find out that you do feel comfortable in orange, red or green after all!

Skin tone

The color of your skin will determine whether a color will suit you well or not. Do you have very red skin? Then you can probably better avoid wearing warm colors like red and orange because they will raise the warm tones in your skin. In this case cool tones like purple, blue or green would probably look very good on you. Besides your skin tone, your eye color and hair color will also influence how you will look in a color. Most neutral colors will look good on anyone.


While considering the type of colors you should wear it is also good to think about other pieces of clothing you have. Do you have red mens driving shoes? Then you can think about colors that will match your shoes or other pieces you own. If you have a lot to choose from you can stick to one color palette that you like. This makes it easier to match pieces of clothing and shoes with each other.


Whether you’re looking for a new pair of driving shoes women but you’re not sure what color to get or you want to have better knowledge about the type of colors you would rock, a color palette is your best friend. Stick with colors you’re comfortable with and look good on you.