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3 Wedding Reception Traditions To Make Your Own

Planning a wedding is often thought of as a stressful, expensive endeavor. You certainly want this once-in-a-lifetime day to be special and festive. You can, though, bring in an air of fun and help everyone enjoy themselves without spending a fortune. Here are three areas to add whimsy to your wedding reception.

1. Food

Once you’ve scouted out wedding venues Campbell KY and decided on where you’ll have your reception, let the fun planning begin. Consider what you and your betrothed enjoy, and let that guide your food decisions. Do you have a tradition of visiting the county fair every year that you’ve been together? Serve fair food at your wedding reception instead of a formal, plated meal. If fair food isn’t your thing, maybe a local food truck or two would be fun.

2. Music

Whether you’ve got a DJ or a band at your reception, make the dancing fun. Once you’ve finished the first traditional dances, make it easy for your guests to make music requests. You can make it clear in advance that you want the dancing to be filled with fun by letting your guests request songs on their RSVP cards. To really amp up the energy level, hire a celebrity impersonator to sing and dance at your reception.

3. Comfort

You might feel great wearing fancy shoes with your beautiful wedding gown during your ceremony, but consider dressing down a bit for the reception. Changing out of your heels and into comfortable sneakers will help you enjoy making the rounds to visit with all of your guests, and it will certainly make dancing more fun. Some brides even like to change out of their wedding gowns and into a somewhat less formal dress after the meal. What a great way to symbolize to your guests that it’s time to let their hair down.

Weddings are a wonderful way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life. Think outside of the traditions to craft a wedding celebration that is truly yours.