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Men’s Bags – The Main Types to Choose From

Men’s Bags – The Main Types to Choose From

There are many bags available these days that are masculine and can really give a man a continental feel. While for a very long time, bags were purely a woman’s accessory, they are not anymore. They offer function, classic styling and can be used for anything, whether it is work or pleasure. Today’s bags come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics and can be used by the old and young alike. These are some of the main types that you might want to choose from…

Briefcase – This tried-and-true staple is perhaps one of the defining items that come to mind when one thinks of the classic businessman. However, in modern times, it has gotten a sleek, stylish overhaul, no longer the classic briefcase used in eras long past. However, they retain just enough of their classic and necessary detailing to remain the perfect accessory for the corporate employee.

Holdall – Men who travel often must have a bag that can carry everything they need when they are out of town, either for pleasure or for business. This used to mean taking a huge, difficult-to-handle bag, but now they are compact and stylish. The duffel bag was actually the inspiration for the holdall. But, they are more stylish now than they used to be because they are usually made out of leather these days.

Tote – If you like the look of a briefcase but you do not want to exude a rigid and stiff demeanor, then you should look at getting a tote bag. These bags are often made of soft leather and go great with casual business encounters. They have longer handles than a briefcase but offer all the amenities that a briefcase will without looking as traditional. This is the perfect blend of masculinity and function.

Messenger Bag – The messenger bag has been given an elegant makeover, but it is still reminiscent of the bags that have been carried by messengers for many decades. They are typically made out of canvas and are worn diagonally across the shoulders. The messenger bag is currently very fashionable in urban areas. There are many types of messenger bags from the more casual to the refined and stylish.

The above bags are the most basic of style; there are plenty of different styles available that are based on one of the above styles. For the man that wants to stay organized but still masculine, finding the perfect bag can be the definition of amazing personal style.