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10 Things You Should Consider Before Ordering New Workwear Clothing

10 Things You Should Consider Before Ordering New Workwear Clothing

Are you looking to place a new order for work clothes? Here are 10 things to consider before you place your order.

1. Make sure the top layer clothing is waterproof. If your employees are exposed to cold and wet weather, staying dry could help them perform to their full capability.

2. If your staff are likely to work at night or in dark conditions, their safety may be compromised if they cannot be seen. A high visibility jacket will help them remain safe.

3. You also need to make sure the work clothes you choose for your staff meets all the necessary legal specifications for their work.

4. If you want your team to stay warm in the coldest conditions, you’re going to need good base layer clothing. Thermals are now commonplace in many workplaces as employees aim to stay warm.

5. Make sure you consult your staff before you place an order. They are the ones who will be wearing the clothing while working and, as such, they can provide a closer perspective on what they need.

6. Where possible, you’ll want to accommodate the requests your staff make. Things like extra pockets or warmer jackets may be the key in getting staff to buy into the new work clothes.

7. Think about comfort, as well as safety. Staff that feel good are likely to perform better than those who are in uncomfortable workwear clothing.

8. While the weather is cold, you may want to consider extra layers like hoodies and fleeces. These may help to keep staff warm, which will keep morale from dropping and reduce the chances of them falling ill.

9. Value for money will always be an important factor when placing an order, but make sure that isn’t at the expense of quality. Cheap workwear will wear out quicker and need to be replaced, which will cost you more in the meantime.

10. Choose a supplier that has a good reputation and the best quality clothing. Where specialist workwear clothing is needed, you can’t go wrong with an experienced firm with a wide selection of quality items.

If you’re placing a new workwear clothing order, don’t forget to include important items, such as a high visibility jacket or warm-wearing fleece.