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Bloomer, Always the Symbol of Revolution, is Becoming the Symbol of the Revolution For Modest Dress

Bloomer, Always the Symbol of Revolution, is Becoming the Symbol of the Revolution For Modest Dress

When Bloomers were first created they were truly a revolutionary statement. As the ranks of the modest clothing revolution swell they will enjoy wider acceptance from girls and women alike. The style of the Bloomer and Pantaloon, along with their versatility make them a perfect candidate for the come back fashion of our time.

The Bloomer was created by Elizabeth Smith Miller and received its name from Amelia Bloomer, who was a women’s rights activist in the mid nineteenth century. Amelia found the Bloomer practical for maintaining modest dress while participating in her new found passion, riding her bicycle. The influence of Amelia Bloomer, through her writings created a niche for Bloomers among her followers.

Although Bloomers did not catch on as a major fashion statement, they had practical uses for a group of women who were beginning to take part in active pursuits. Bloomers were accepted as appropriate for women on sports teams, and they caught on as a part of a woman’s swim wear. The Bloomer was certainly more practical for bike riding than the bulky skirts of the day.

Now that wearing pants is almost universally accepted for women the Bloomer, and its older cousin, the Pantaloon are ripe for a come back. The comfort and the versatility of these garments assure that they will enjoy acceptance from a wide variety of women. Both the Bloomer and the Pantaloon fit the style of the ever more popular Capri. The Pantaloon, with its flared legs, is already experiencing popularity among women seeking comfort and modesty in an everyday pant. The Bloomer is increasingly becoming a fashion statement as women find more uses for it. The Bloomer of course, fits the layered look, in order to make those short skirts sold at the major department stores acceptable. They still fulfill the need for comfort and modesty when participating in sports, and they can still be used as a part of your swimming outfit. The Bloomer is still a beautiful choice for a ride around the block on your bicycle.

Today’s modest woman who is still active and is still looking for comfort, will find that the Bloomer and the Pantaloon are what she is looking for to fit into her active lifestyle while allowing her to maintain her modesty. You may wish to start by wearing your pair as sleepwear, then as you determine which activities you participate in will be enhanced by the use of Bloomers add more pair to your wardrobe.

The Bloomer and the Pantaloon can once again become a revolutionary statement, which seems to be the calling of the style. It was created as a revolutionary statement for women’s rights. The first battle flag for the Confederacy was made of the dresses and Bloomers of Jenny and Hetty Cary. The Bloomer may never be the first choice of New York or Paris fashion, but the woman wishing to make a statement for modesty will make the Bloomer and the Pantaloon the symbol of the revolution for modest dress.