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Clothes Airers Help to Change the World

Clothes Airers Help to Change the World

Some say the wheel was the most important invention. Others cite the telephone or T.V. Modern thinkers credit the internet with changing our world. Often its small steps that go a long way to changing the world around us.

The clothes airer so beloved of our grandmother stood in the front room blocking the heat from the fire. With fires of wood and coal spitting out hot splinters its no wonder they often caused accidents! Clothes airers today don’t need to be near an open fire. They use the passing ambient to dry clothes. Most homes are centrally heated and the clothes airer uses the secondary heat at no extra cost.

An established feature of all new homes the clothesA�drying rack is a must. Today developers have removed the airing cupboard. Indeed they often install a washer/dryer in the kitchen. This is their idea to save space or to make more of available space to make the apartment or house look even bigger.

Perched on the wall the wall mounted clothes airer is unobtrusive. When pulled out to operate it is totally silent and uses zero energy. Every time you use it you are reducing your carbon footprint. In the old days they were mostly made of wood and free standing. Today they use modern wipe clean corrosion free materials.

Using a clothesA�drying rackA�you join the natural living set. Like dinghy sailors, board surfers, sand yachters, roller skaters and hang gliders, they propel forward using no fossil fuel energy.

The clothes airer also teaches the household the natural drying cycle. We easily adapt to placing our washing on the airer in the evening after work to remove it the next day. Some say it teaches relaxation and time planning since you leave the clothes to dry naturally while reading a book. Perhaps even starting a book circle in your kitchen. It was Ernst Schumacher who wrote the book ‘Small is Beautiful’ he introduced simple sustainable technology into under developed countries. No use in sending a tractor with no parts available. Send a simple design for a plough that can be used over and over again. You will love your clothes airer and it will change your world.