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This Season, Create the Perfect Look for Your Little Boy

This Season, Create the Perfect Look for Your Little Boy

If you have a little boy, it can be difficult to find suitable clothing; you want to buy clothes that are both hardwearing, and fashionable, too. This season, for boy’s clothes, it is all about opting for a casual and trendy look: that ageless and effortless style that will have your friends cooing about how cute your little soldier is looking.

Achieving the casual and trendy look is simple, items that have a vintage aura, such as leather belts with thick silver buckles, and worn-look jeans, with a layering effect, capture the look perfectly. There are many items of clothing that suit this look, and not only will your kids look great, they will feel comfortable and confident too, knowing that they will be the hit of the playground this season. Dress them up and wait for the party initiations to come pouring in.

To get the casual and trendy look, there are a few essential items. Here, we will cover each in turn; discussing colour schemes, layering issues, and fit.

Funky Graphic Tees

A staple addition to any boy’s wardrobe, old or young. Graphic tees are extremely popular, and you will find that there is a great deal of choice from which to choose. They fall into that supremely easy category of boy’s clothes: the one that you both like. There are many choices to be made, do you want a slogan, a cartoon character, a funky print, or a rock style image. Get these tees in a bright colour, this will make them the focal part of any outfit, and mean that you can buy the rest of the outfit in plainer colours, but that the overall effect of the look, will be exciting and bright.

Casual Shirts

You will need to layer the graphic tee with a casual shirt; a button-up style is preferable. When you put together the outfit, make sure all the buttons are undone, or fasten only a few in the middle, and that it is untucked. This provides both a sophisticated look, coupled with a laid-back image, portraying style and sophistication. Opt for simple designs, such as stripes or chequers, but make sure they do not clash with the tee.


You can purchase warmer clothing to layer on the outside of the shirt and tee, opt for hoodies, blazers, or cardigans to create a really trendy look. Again, choose designs that are plain, so that the tee remains the focal point of the outfit.


Boys like to run around a lot, so it is important to choose boys clothes that have a bit of room. Opt for worn look jeans, in medium to dark colours. If they prefer to wear chinos or corduroy, then choose a lighter colour.


The main rule with footwear, regardless of age and gender, is to wear shoes in a shade that is darker than your trousers. Therefore, buy shoes in either black or brown. Boots are fantastic for achieving that laid-back, casual, look.