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Clothing Items for the Sophisticated and Sleek Man

Clothing Items for the Sophisticated and Sleek Man

Most men think that they can live the rest of their lives with just a couple of t-shirts, pants and rubber shoes. Some of them actually believe that they can pull off the laid back look by sporting the same shirt, pants and sneakers combo. What’s worse is they defend it by saying that it is their style and practically wear the same thing to any event. If you are a man who agrees with that belief or if you know a man who subscribes to this principle, then keep on reading because there is a lot of useful information to learn from this article.

There are different clothing items that should be present in every man’s closet but here is a list of the top 3 most essential items to have:

1. Tailored Suit – Suits were invented for a reason. Some men might think that buying a suit is just a waste of money because they can only wear it a couple of times. Tailored suits can easily give an impression of success, power and wealth. After all, it is a very good investment because you only one suit for almost any important event in your life. You just have to make sure that your suit fits you well and has a very classic cut. You should feel lucky because women need to buy different dresses for different occasions but in men’s case, you only need one perfect suit and no one will notice if you wore the same suit for the past events that you have attended.

2. Collared button down shirt – No matter how great your blazer or suit may be, if you do not pair them with the right dress shirt like a white collared button down shirt, it will not make any sense. The idea behind wearing a collared button down shirt is for you to look really sleek. To achieve a coordinated look, it is best to buy a white dress shirt. It really makes a tailored suit pop and white is a very good accent to most dark tailored suits. White is also timeless and it will be very easy to pair your shirt with practically any suit. Another reason why a collared button down shirt should be a very essential part of your wardrobe is that you can wear it alone and still look sleek and fashionable.

3. A pair of formal dress shoes – Having a really nice pair of black dress shoes will serve as the finishing touch to the sophisticated, sleek and fashionable look.

There is nothing more appropriate than wearing a suit with a white dress shirt and black dress shoes for weddings and even for big meetings. If you want to show your boss that you are determined to get the promotion that you have always been waiting for, why don’t you show him that you are ready for that by dressing the part? As for weddings and other social events where you will seen by almost everyone important in town, you do not want to look sloppy and underdressed because almost every guy will be wearing suits. Let your clothing items speak for you.